Slingshot Smash – You have to smash everything

[Game] Slingshot Smash – Shooting Range

Slingshot SmashSlingshot Smash isn’t the kind of game where you have to be careful or worry about wrecking something!

No, just the opposite! You HAVE to smash everything because the whole point is to shoot from a huge slingshot and destroy all you see in front of you!

Buildings, fences, towers, walls… It’s all got to go! Don’t leave anything behind! Shoot for the max number of points to get the best reward and be the slingshot master! Prove to the world that no one can shoot better than you!

Beautiful 3D graphics
Wacky physics
Easy controls
Lots of levels with varying difficulty
Intuitive interface

Slingshot Smash is packed with all kinds of fun and… destruction, of course! You won’t be bored for a second! Install for free now and start reigning chaos!



Slingshot Smash user reviews :

If you want a game to while away the time, this is it. I did choose to stop most of the ads. You can get different slingshots and ammo. I prefer the bazooka looking gun and a large ice ball for ammo. While there are different buildings and different placements of the little guys, they just rotate through the levels. All in all, it’s a fun time waster.

The first couple days I played, the game worked fine. Today after every ad, the screen goes black and the only way to get back to the game is reboot the app. I do like the game but not like this. Sorry, one more thing. The little guys that hold the signs need spell check. It’s “loser” not “looser”.

Google play has refunded my money for removal of ads that kept coming anyway. I am uninstalling this game. The company is unscrupulous. I paid for no ads and yet everytime I click that I don’t want bonuses or don’t want double progress, I get an automatic ads. Even when I just click “continue”. I still get ads.

In the game, the stick figures are holding signs that says, “looser”. THIS IS THE WRONG WORD! The correct word is “LOSER”! “Looser” refers to something that is not tight, as in “My pants are looser now because I lost weight.” “LOSER” means “not the winner”. One would have thought this type of thing would have been checked during development.

  • Hi! Thank you for your feedback and attentiveness. It is very important for us to receive feedback from our players, as this helps us develop the game, so if you have any other concerns we’d listen to you very gladly and thankfully. Keep playing and stay tuned!

Play 2 very short levels, watch an ad. Play 2 very short levels, watch an ad. Play 2 very short levels, watch an ad… Wait, what’s this?! If you hit three blimps you get a mini game! How do you play? You watch 3 ads! Fun! Now, you can choose not to watch the ads, select no thank you and you can skip right to… the next ad. Not joking.

Your game is ok. Very simple, easy way to pass time. If there are instructions, I haven’t found them. For instance: what is the purpose of the blimp and key. Also, how do you know what building materials your ammo bounces off of?

The sling doesn’t always aim correctly & you can’t start over once you select it. Must waste a shot. There’s one level the little bastard is hiding behind a number on side of screen. Otherwise, I enjoy shooting the bastards.

For a game this simple there is no need for an internet connection. The only reason why it must be there is so the developer can force play an ad every two levels. Totally rooms playability of the game. Uninstall.

It’s a decent, fun game. But just like 3/4 of these money. Grubbing games on here. Never take my suggestion of at least every 5 minutes. Have some money. Enjoying a game instead of 90% of ads you have to watch. That’s greedy. I have games that have zero ads. Literally there’s games that there’s like 3 seconds and he have 35 second ad.. Don’t you want your customers Have fun your fans!

It seems others trash talk this game, but I love it! There are no more ads than other games like it. You always get rewards. It’s not perfect on the aiming….. it’s just for fun! Every time the little guys moon me it cracks me up and makes me want to kill them more. It’s a great go to game while waiting in lines, or Dr appts, whatever. It’s one of my favorites when it’s been a rough day and need something light to play!

  • Hey! We’re so glad you gave our game a chance :) We’ll do our best to implement your suggestions. Stay tuned!

Definitely cool new unique game to pass time if you’re looking for a cool game to pass time this it is super easy but challenging as the same time would highly recommend trying

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