Stick Shadow Fighter – Take down the smartest AI

[Game] Stick Shadow Fighter – Epic Survival

Stick Shadow FighterStick Shadow Fighter :

Stick Shadow Fighter – Epic Survival is one of the best fighting game series that you ever play. You will embody the familiar characters in the famous game series and comics then fighting together. Fight to take down the smartest AI, fight great players from around the world, or compete with friends

You will be overwhelmed with the system of characters and weapons designed in the game, intense combat scenes with vivid sound, unexpected situations that you did not expect. If you are a fan of fighting games such as stickman fighting that you will not be able to skip this game.

Along with the rich reward system each game screen, you can not stop when constantly collecting them.

Also this game have 3 Game Mode for you fighting:
Single Mode: You can’t defeat computer with highgest AI Level???
Verus Mode: compete with your friends to become stick master
Survival Mode: how can you aliving with 100 enemies.

Stick Shadow Fighter – Epic Survival looks simple but be careful it’s easy to die if you do not focus and be skillful.Wait for supreme duelist enemy to approach you, tap on screen and boom. Stick fight takes just one punch stickman legends!
You will get heroic fights in the game, full of mastership and speed. Many weapon types available. You will have to avoid the enemies to survive. Experience realistic and eventful fighting atmosphere of the game in the best stickman games style! Make the tricks, crash against the walls, break the bones, and destroy your enemies and other warriors.


Free 100%
Easy controler
Alot of enemies and AI level to fight
Lot of skins free
Full of destruction all-action blockbuster soaked up all the best in stickman warriors games
2 player games, 3 mode available for player: 1 player and survival mode stick fight
2D physic stick fight game style with interesting graphics!
Addictive 2 player games and physics stickman games

Download Stick Shadow Fighter – Epic Survival now to become the master of age of stickman!

Stick Shadow Fighter user reviews :

The game is pretty good… IF IT WASN’T PLAGIARIZED!!!!!!! smh. I have the same game called “Supreme Dulest” and your game is literally an older copy. Really? You think people wouldn’t notice. Anyway, this could have been a good game if you didn’t copy all the weapons in Supreme Dulest. Maybe add different weapons and a different art style and every thing will be ok. Bye

When I win it says that I lost, and this game is just copying ” supreme duelist”. I honestly thought that it would be different, but I guess I was wrong.

This is coping a game I already have and ads literally pop up every 2 seconds so I reccomend not to install this gam e I never want to see this game again the graphics are like they were made 1000 centuries ago if you make a game which sucks why make a game in the first place Lemon studio I think you should stop making games the END ps delete this game and make this the top critical review the loop of music hurts my ears the weapons dont get me started on the weapons they do nodamage

I like the game, but it’s really just a ripoff of supreme duelist. I reccomend you play the original. It’s better anyways.

It is amazing mainly because it adds one piece while most only comprise of naruto shippuden and dbs the remaining one star is because they couldn’t add naruto because i noticed there is only one piece , dbz and marvel

I just think this game cool just like this other game, but I deleted it cause there wqs no meds and you cant see yourself in the houses (its a stickman royale game).

The game is in intresting but do what could make it better adding a character that flaming sword

The game is so good but the telaport weapon doesn’t work can you fix it please

Great game I think the weapons should have more combos and there should be more weapons great game

very good app i wish to the compony to add new weapons to make it more adventurus

it is good but has one problem that is there is no PVP mode

I love stickman games so this is a pretty cool game

I love this offline game it kills time its funny and i just love it

Wow there so many great things like captain america 5 star

I like it. It’s fun to play I think that you should definitely try it out

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