Slingshot Stunt Biker – Make the craziest jumps

[Game] Slingshot Stunt Biker

Slingshot Stunt BikerHey, you! Yes, you! Are you up for some really crazy offroad stunt bike action? Yes? Good. OK. Take that slingshot and… What? Yes!

This is how we break the boredom and do something new and creative! Use a slingshot to take your offroad bike driving skills to a new level!

Make the craziest jumps
Drive faster than ever
Break all of the records

All of that like never before! During the course of your play you will complete multiple exciting levels in varied and exciting locales. Unlock new cool bikes to drive and use them to show off your skills. Collect money for your feats and use them to buy upgrades.

Make your slingshot stronger!
Make your engine more effective!
Make your earnings bigger!

Download the game now and see what crazy acts of bravery and skill you can perform! Are you crazy and brave enough to try it? You won’t regret it!

Slingshot Stunt Biker user reviews :

This is a really good game. The only problem is I know it’s designed to use up my data. Then I have to buy more that’s no problem at least give me the coins don’t change the speed on the coin meter. The least you can do is give me some satisfaction. You could even give me a choice, if I want to watch a 12- second add times two if I want to watch a 30- second add time 6

Developers need to change the game to make it more playable, including adding functions that control your character and better camera angles. You almost never see the goal when the motorcycle is off the ground. Apps are a bit intrusive as well.

Could be really fun, but the ads are relentless and long. You have to sit through every single one, and they appear after just about every play. I understand wanting to earn some money off a game, but I uninstalled immediately for this reason.

I paid to get rid of the ads because they were rediculous. It’s a fun game when it works but its extremely glitchy and locks up constantly. It’s too bad because it is a good source of mindless entertainment.

Game is fun, but the dynamic camera makes it so you can’t see the levels half the time. Just keep the camera behind the bike. Also the sound turns back on every time I open the app on android

Played this game for 30 seconds before being bombarded with ads even when I chose to skip the ad payout, nothing but another money hungry developer who is absolutely not interested in making a good game, only interested in how much money they can get, uninstalling

Lot of fun! Challanging, but not to hard that you can’t make progress! Definitely would reccommend as a fun time killer!

Fun….. but 10 seconds of game play, then 30-40 seconds of ads. I understand free games, but that’s ridiculous

Fun game! Wish there was a little more control of the bike in the air and in maneuvering around the track.

To Bad I can’t give more stars then this. Help out with the stress of the day, I’m 62 years old and I do know, It Helps.

Fun gameplay. Great graphics. Ads are a little crazy but not as bad as some other games I’ve played.

Great fun, good skill levels. Completed world 2, can’t wait for world 3. 5 star.

So far cool game, better than car stunt driver. Hopefully I don’t get stuck on the 1st level

Great game to pass the time away, not allowed ads and fun for free

Slingshot games are fun If ur the type that doesn’t mind paying so u go add-free these games can really scratch the itch

Great graphics! Reminds me of playing with my Evil Kenevil stunt bike as a kid!

Good game but it doesn’t let me actually slingshot the biker. Fix this bug please

Like playing but have been waiting on the 3rd world to open up any idea when it will be finished

Awesome!!! Very good graphics….sweet bikes and cool cool terrain..

It’s definitely different from all the other one’s I play but yeah I like it. Thanks again cheers Kieran.

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