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[Game] Vice Nation

Vice NationAre you ready for an adventure that will take you on a wild ride through the dark side of Vice Nation?

Months ago, you were just an ordinary security guard, until the day you fortuitously rescued a mysterious individual known as Old Kate. Your reward? Kate’s nightclub in Vice Nation. But this gift came with a catch: it sparked a relentless citywide manhunt against both of you.

Escaping alongside your loyal friend Beverly to Vice Nation, you were ready to turn over a new leaf. But destiny had other plans…

Game Features
Open World, Winner Takes All
Explore various neighborhoods, drive fancy cars, and conquer new areas with your gang. You can start from nothing but easily rise to the top and become the most feared gang leader in the city!

Manage Night Club, Take Control
Take charge of your night club! Here, every decision you make impacts your club’s reputation and bottom line. From hiring staff, booking talent, to orchestrating unforgettable parties, it’s up to you to create the ultimate nightlife hotspot. You can acquire wealth, charm, luxury cars, exquisite wines, and the ultimate power that’s just within your reach!

Sandbox Strategy, Perfect Takeover
As you level up, you’ll be able to unlock more minions to help you expand your territory. Unlock all kinds of Enforcers for your gang! From Amy’s fierce whip to Phoenix’s Gatling gun, no other gang will dare stand in your way.

Expand Your Territory, Explore New Areas
Upgrade your buildings, research new technology, train your henchmen, loot resources, march freely on the map, and expand your territory! The world is at your fingertips!

Exhilarating Battles, Epic Teamwork
Whether you prefer fighting at the front lines or supporting others back in the HQ, you’ll experience the thrill of fighting side by side with your allies and let yourself shine!

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Vice Nation user reviews :

the game has potential but when i unlocked the city a tutorial played and i got stucked in there i tried restarting like 20 times and still it gets stucked so i give it 1 star because it’s unplayable..

  • Apologies for the issue that you experienced. We are always improving our game. It would be very helpful if you could provide us with more information by sending us a ticket through the support system in-game. We value your feedback greatly.

This game is worth it to play i rate it 4 star because of crashing in exploring can you fix it? Because when i click the battle it stuck in loading and crashing… I like this game please can u fix it?

Fuming won’t let me open the game now keeps coming up with error and closes the gamee tried uninstalling and reinstalling and still same error very poor after I put lot of hours in

Can’t properly edit the buildings to where you want them to allocate

  • We appreciate your feedback! We are always trying to improve our experience. Your feedback will be forwarded to the developers and corresponding adjustments could be integrated in the upcoming updates.

Game is ok , freezes when I try to enter dark web and then I restart the game and freezes again. Please fix. So annoying.

  • Dear Player, apologies for any unexpected issues you have encountered. Please let us know if the freeze happens every time after clicking Dark Web icon or when still in Tutorial. Feel free to contact us by clicking your icon – “Setting” – “Help and Support” button. We value your feedback greatly and your info on the issues will be very helpful.

Really like the game, but 9 times out of 10 it crashes my phone when I go on explorer mode. Can you sort this out? Plus I can’t change my profile picture

Enjoying at first; but when it comes to upgrades and trying to increase number of gang member is getting a little boring; no world exploration or rob banks; no racing cars; not as expected; uninstalled after a week of play;

I really do want to give y’all five stars cause so far the game is really really good but y’all have to make it not freeze

  • Apologies for the issue that you experienced. We have fixed a few issues that could lead to the freeze of the game. Please feel free to give it a try and see if it goes smoothly. Thanks again for your feedback.

This is a great game I play it for hours you get caught up in the action fast

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