Zombotron – Discover the mystery of the mysterious planet

[Game] Zombotron Re-Boot

ZombotronFight with zombies, with evil robots and other undead creatures to survive in the crazy world of Zombotron.

The action takes place on an unknown one day colonized planet, which over time was abandoned and forgotten by people. Find and rescue survivals to discover the mystery of the mysterious planet together.

Zombotron Re-Boot is a remaster of the original Zombotron Flash game series, with updated graphics, an improved physics engine and new, incredibly rich effects!

Key Features:
Well-developed destructible physical world;
Lots of different weapons;
You can destroy enemies using the environment;
Various enemies with unique abilities;
Use the gamepad and headphones for best experience.

How to play:
Use the left screen stick to control the hero;
Use the right screen stick to aim and HOLD a direction to attack;
Interact with the environment to activate interactive objects;
Discover the levels to find new weapons and keep track of your ammunition;
Just take a break for healing – the hero is healed automatically.

Zombotron user reviews :

This is one of the most enjoyable and nostalgic games I have ever played. Plz keep up the work, it’s a one of a kind masterpiece. It would be better if you could add a fire button cause it’s hard to aim and fire at the same time( pretty bullet consuming). It would be amazing if you added silenced weapon for a stealth option, a crouch mode and a stealth system as it will help the overall experience

  • You can enable the attack button in the settings window. But in any case, I’m currently working on an update in which I will try to improve controls and shooting. I will also take your ideas into account. Thanks for your feedback!

Cannot believe they’ve rebooted my all-time favourite flash game. ,, ,,I hope to see more controls so I can play better as I am not really a mobile gamer. Though I am pleased already with the smoothness and the similarities from back when. Very excited to see what’s next in this games future Edit: I have since discovered I can play with my dualshock 4 and it’s amazing. Take your time with this masterpiece, I am very grateful to be back on this game!

  • Yes, the controls turned out to be complicated and not comfortable. Now I’m working to improve it significantly. I hope you enjoy the updated version! Thanks for your feedback!

I loved the original game, but the re-boot in google play has some issues that need solving, for example the “after-death” green glow orb should not be searching for a respawn for that long, it’s so annoying to die in this game, next there are bugs that happen when you click “restart” the level, certain weapons I buy from shop dont drop, boxes with no loot… Another problem is the shooting mechanic, sometimes it takes too long to shoot enemies and shoots past zombies if they are in front of you

I’ve only played for about 30-40 minutes. Wow it brought me back it has the same feel as the originals with the movement too. I don’t mind the slight delay for the shooting (although I think that was intentional) and I haven’t found encountered any bugs yet, let’s keep it that way. This is great so far. Edit: every now and then whenever I revive, I’m alive but cannot move and on top of that nothing works so I have to exit out of that app and re-enter.

Finally the hidden gem has arrived. played it to level 8 now and it feels pretty awesome just like the original, The new things are noticeable and looked cool as always. Only thing that bugging me now is the control, in mobile it’s kinda hard not to play with costume settings. Overall it’s fun and great, look more forward on this one.

  • Now I’m working on an update in which I plan to improve the controls and make it more convenient, as well as add auto aiming. I hope you will enjoy! Thanks for your feedback!

As a big fan of the series (I loved playing the first three zombotron games on my laptop when I was a kid) I’m extremely happy with this new re-boot. The new updated graphics are beautiful and well done and the touch controls work very well. Also in this game there are no ads and it’s not pay-to-win, which is incredibly rare among mobile games. Honestly I think this is one of the best mobile games that you can play.

Pretty good game, there is no ads and it’s not hard to get money and the movement and aiming system are great, tho I wish the could add a button that lets you shoot instead of swiping, overall its worth playing and I hope the other chapters come soon I’m hungry for more Edit: I just wanted to thank you for your message and I’m surprised that I’m the first to review this amazing game

  • You can enable the attack button in the game settings Now I’m working on improving the controls and the ability to customize the controls. Hope you enjoy the update! Thank you!

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