Smash Club – Form your own vigilante gang

[Game] Smash Club – Arcade Brawler

Smash Club After the collapse of the Super Boys organization, street gangs fought among themselves for power over Boot City. In the end, the Four Fats Gang, lead by Supreme Leader Shmeenis rose to take control. One vigilante decided he had enough.


50 playable characters, form your own vigilante gang to brawl through the city streets
Use pipes, bombs, dogs, bikes, tanks… and smash people over the head with telephone booths!
Local & Online co-operative multiplayer (2-4 bluetooth controllers per device for local multiplayer)
Achievements & Account Saving (Google Game Play Services)

Smash Club user reviews :

The game is pretty decent. If there was a 3.5, I’d give it. As a fan of Mooff games, this game is quite the crossover. It takes elements from Blackmoor and Super Boys, which is great, but the game misses a lot of potential. The boxes come down way too slow and upgrading them is almost of no value, even when you don’t have all the characters. Customizing is pretty cool, but it only pertains to Jimothy, which is a little let down, seeing as many characters have some alternate skins. Otherwise, good

game is pretty good and is better than super boys for one reason:you can’t get duplicate characters ik that dupes are for leveling up easier but you could also just grind but has one single flaw the fact that when it’s on 3d maps you can’t guard its honestly pretty annoying while the bots can somehow guard and do their crouch attack and for those who don’t know how to guard you just crouch which is done by holding down on the joystick but it isn’t possible on 3d maps

A great game. The characters are cool, the controls are smooth, and is very addicting because of all the characters. It’s like pokieymon (sorry if I mis spelled it) you gotta catch them all. However, there are a few problems that are keeping me from giving the game a perfect rateing. For example, in the game you fight one v.s ones which is pretty cool but sometimes thare really difficult. Luckily,l I beat the game. I’ve always wanted to say this. Now let’s give a boot to every face.

Although I found this game extremely hard at first, and raged a lot, i ended up finding all levels easy and find no reason to rage, as i unlocked absolutely everything unlockable:the characters, the weapons and their upgrades and even the accessories. Overall it’s a good game. I personally see it as a combination of Mortal Kombat, Tekken and Street Fighter

This game is fun, but there are clear things that are completely stupid. Being grappled by an enemy should be escapable since they deal significant damage to you. And the bosses are extremely infuriating because of how stupid it is when you fight them. I’ve developed some strategies that seem to work, and I’m not just talking about the bosses here, I am also talking about other stages where there are moves that the enemy can do to easily overpower you. It’s completely annoying. Change these.

Its about time! This is in the tradition of double dragon, final fight etc that dozens of others on android go way to far trying to recapture with next level, over the top glory moves and flashy dazzling effects only to produce opponents that have poor timing and get watered down by AI putting their pursuit against you like they are your evil shadow. I expect a lot more to come from this brand after playing for my first 20 minutes.

This game would be a lot more fun if the bosses weren’t so overpowered, and gave you more than 50 coins for beating the most difficult ones. I also find it unfair that the enemies can always block and duck but the player can’t. I do like the concept of the game, but there isn’t much balance. Buying characters for 1,500 coins usually gets you some common person you’re never going to use.

If you like beat em up genre then this game is for you is really fun and addicting game, there bunch of modes (depend on level you playing) the ruckus, free for all, duel, and uh more that im kinda lazy to put ( I haven’t fully beat the game yet) Also you can play with friend or bots (you need to unlock certain amount of character to get 1 star for the character the limit is 10 you can use those bots if you feel overwhelmed) and is really chaotic fun TLDR: really fun chaotic fighting game

can you fix two problems that I have in this game one of them is that it sometimes it won’t let me wear outfits on the game even if I bought them and the other problem is that sometimes I got back on the game the Y button disappears and it won’t show the right character on the story line message please fix and I will rate five.

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