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Stepsister ShockSynopsis

When your mom tells you she’s going to remarry, you feel nothing but happiness. That is, until you find out who she’s getting married to! The new man in her life has three daughters, one of whom you’ve known since you were a child…

Your everyday life has gone from dinners alone in front of the TV to fighting over who gets to take the first bath. But this new life isn’t all bad, especially considering how cute your new step sisters are…


A childhood friend who has known your family for the longest time, Miri holds complicated feelings about the new family. It seems that she cares deeply about you… But as a friend, or something more?

Yayoi’s fraternal twin, Kiko is the polar opposite of her sister. An exemplary student who struggles with people, she’s the type to spend hours worrying about a single text message. Still holding adoration for her mother, it might be difficult for her to accept the new living situation…

Lively, upbeat and friends with everyone at school, she’s sure to brighten even your darkest day. Her boundless energy sometimes gets her into trouble, but she always bounces back. If you get close enough, you might even find out why she’s always so positive!

Stepsister Shock user reviews :

The game is great, with good interactions and good music and art. The problem is that if you don’t choose the paid options in the beginning it disrupts the tone of the story. The paid choices are good but it makes the main character look bad if you don’t choose to them. Later in though it is not as bad. The plot overall is good though, and all of the final choices to romance are worthwhile.

It was very fun but i wish there was more after the end or a second one that continues the story line with the same characters and make the points slightly higher like the 2s changed to 4 the 4s to 5 the 7s to 8 and the 9s to 10 and maybe less time for ticket refill but even the way it is its a great game

The good options are quite expensive and the other options are downright cruel. I know I’m playing it for free and no pop ups but still, the price is too much! For example to select a single good answer, you have to watch 5 full 60 sec ads. Oh that’s not all, the cool down after a single ad is 5 hours!!

This game is awesome I love it.but there’s two problem’s first i didn’t get to claim my rewards and second the sisters kept barding into the room and destroying The sparks between them and they never got the chance to finish what they started.other than that it’s great pice of work The character’s are beautiful well draw can you do a next chapter for this game pls we love it so much

One of the best story games out there. The story line has a great base plot that expands as you go further in the game. The mini game helps earn points for gems or tickets. The only thing that I would change is the amount of gems for premium chose but they aren’t that high. Please make a sequel to the game I think it would get a lot if love from new and old players of the game.

I just finished “Stepsister Shock” and it was amazing and unique. First, I loved how there were different problems throughout the story instead of just one major problem and that’s what makes this game stand out to me. Second, you captured the life of a family who suffered to move on so well it felt real and you could understand what the characters were feeling and thinking. I also loved how the ending took an extra chapter to hang out with Miri. Thank you for these amazing games!

The game is great, good interactions and is a nice cliché story. I enjoy this game but the only problems I have is that rubies are way too expensive. Like the cheapest is $3.95 for only 20 rubies. I at least expect 35/40 of them for that price. Everything is is great but I dont think I like the expensiveness of the rubies. If you change the amount to the correct worth I’d play at least 4 times a day. But for right now I dont think I would play this game alot. This is my review and thanks.

Honestly amazing, this was exactly what i was looking for! Lewd but not to lewd, funny and always has a great hook every chapter. The premium comes a bit too fast at times but overrall great game. My favourite part is when your watching a movie with miri and the movie is a easter egg of my vampire girlfriend with the villian being vlad and the main character finding three vampire sisters, if there is ever a game that crosses timelines with another that would be gold award worthy!

I think that the game is amazing and it has a great storyline I just wish it was a bit longer and that the premium choices weren’t all behind gems but apart from that you can play mini games to get coins to buy tickets and hems so it’s not all bad apart from that I hope you can create a 2nd version of this game with the same characters

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