Snail Bob 3 – Build the new Snail Town

[Game] Snail Bob 3

Snail Bob 3In this sequel, a hurricane takes Snail Bob and his friends to a desert island. Now Bob needs to explore the island, learn all its secrets, and build the new Snail Town.

Snail Bob always crawls onwards. But he needs your help! Press buttons, switch levers, open doors, remove traps, and so on. You need to do everything that Snail Bob reaches the Exit safe and sound.

Now you can find Super Shells which give you possibilities to jump, fly and even shoot the cannon!

Now you can not only complete levels but build your brand new Town! Build new buildings, unlock new areas and your town will be filled with new various residents

Playing the levels don’t forget to collect stars and hidden treasure chests to unlock many funny outfits for Bob including superhero and video game characters.

A variety of different levels
After completing bonus levels you can find even more treasures
Super Shells can give you a possibility to jump, fly, shoot the cannon and even more.
A brand new ’Time Mode’ giving access to bonus levels
Find hidden stars and chest to unlock all outfits
A lot of funny outfits the main character can be dressed for his adventures

A free puzzle arcade and an incredible adventure
A funny main character
Every puzzle and adventure has a logic solution
Tons of various outfits can be found on the island

Developed and published by Hunter Hamster

If you faced any issue or you want to give us your feedback, please write us[at]

Snail Bob 3 user reviews :

This is the best game in the series so far (but you don’t have to play the previous ones) and super cute! The antics of the ants and spiders (not necessary for the puzzle but making the game’s world so much richer) had me in stitches. The new game mechanics are a blast! The difficulty is a bit easier than the ridiculously hard Snail Bob 2, but still more challenging than SB1. The art style has been revamped and looks lighter, but still unique. The ads are not intrusive. An easy 10 out of 5!

  • Good evening! We are grateful for your kind words, they made us happier today!

Things I stated before: Loved the previous version! It was very creative! The controls in this 3rd one are not as easy to manage in this one. Hard to turn Bob in the opposite direction. Edit: I finished the game and wanted to add I love the spider detail. I love interacting with it, very lovely detail. Also, the map where they hang out and you build their world was a nice addition. I love watching them go, lol! I’d only play the previous version all over again! Still, good job on this one.

  • Good morning, we are very pleased that you appreciated our spiders and have already completely passed the game! We will try to make the continuation of our games as soon as possible and take into account all your wishes! Have a nice day and good mood!

I loved the first one, liked the second one despite the developer’s poor attempt at forcing the player to buy stuff through the last world. This one is even worse, trying to shove ads even while offline. The ad loading screen appears, waits a little and then disappears but the sounds are then broken (no sound at all) due to that. All this for premium “encouragement”. Well no thanks, you can keep your two stars and ads.

  • Dear, Gaer’thal! Could you please describe this problem in more detail in a letter to[at] We’d like to look into this issue more closely. Thank you in advance!

Actually love this little game, wish there were WAY more levels, completed in an afternoon but very pleased with the difficulty level, not so hard you spend a long time on the same level. Would like to be able to zoom in, a but hard to see some things but otherwise great.

  • Good afternoon! Thank you! We will continue to change for the better!

The animations after completing the level is too long and cannot be skipped. I stopped plating because of this. And the map lacks a lot of detail compared to the levels. just a plaine yellowish terrain to build on with few textures that could be eye candy. Game is nice to play but in this world where we need to leave fast…move fast….we need faster animations and less wait time. But I really love the puzzles and game.

  • Dear Mr. Richard! Thank you so much for taking the time to give us your feedback, it help us continuously improve the game! We are so sorry that the game left you disappointed! We will forward your complaints to our game designers and hopefully the game will change for the better. We are really grateful for your interest in our game! Good luck!

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