Super Penguins – Become stronger and increase your score

[Game] Super Penguins

Super Penguins Help the Penguins rescue their friends and turn the tide against the evil octopus, jump over obstacles and eat delicious fish!

Fun and Colorful Graphics
Simple touch & tilt controls – Everyone can play!
Lots of fun Powerups – Become a giant mutant penguin or ride a rocket!
Unlock new penguins – Choose your favorite characters!
Level up your powers – Become stronger and increase your score!
Social Features – share your hiscore photos on twitter & facebook!

Join the Arctic Adventure!

Super Penguins user reviews :

Edit in 2022: Redownloaded this game after not playing it for a while. It’s still a fantastic game but I would love to see some updates!

This game is so fun i luv the penguins so cute :) owo o w o love penguins so easy funn must down load 5 stars no prombles re omend to rbery one! O W O

It’s fun but I want it not for you to move the device to turn.

I played this game years ago and just redownloaded it recently. I would absolutely love to see more updates! I know this game hasnt been updated a whole lot recently, but it would be neat if it did! Perhaps my favorite app by far. I also have a slight recommendation. I had bought the 2x fish pass a long while back and its still active but is it possible it could double the value of all fish? Not just orange? (Example: Orange = 2 Green = 4 Blue = 6)

I absolutely love penguins so this game is amazing!! I’ve had no problems or issues whatsoever with it but I do have one suggestion that I believe would be helpful for everyone… It would be great if you could possibly make it optional to have either tilt or touch control. That would definitely be a great help to me and I’m sure others as well. Thank you!!!

I personally think Super Penguins is such a good game, no ads or anything, and the creaters keep the concept simple as well. giving this a 5/5 because this honestly deserves it as most games these days only care about the ads. suggestion: make like a daily spin (I know there’s already like a daily fish prize if you play everyday) that you get every day, perhaps the options accessories, rocket ride 500m, 500 fish or small gifts like that!

It’s very entertaining and a enjoyable game i love playing it helps me to relax after a very stressful day I play for hours at times. It’s easy to learn just follow the instructions and stay focus, I definitely would score this game 10 out of 10 excellent game.

The game is Entertaining enough. Almost no ads. Nicely done. But since today, I’m having an issue, i can’t move left and right anymore, i tried to uninstall and install again, and it didn’t help. Aside from that, it’s a pretty good game.

I played this game for 6 years. Its amazing i was first introduced to it when I was only five and loved it after the years I forgot all about it…until i remembered when i was 5, and how much fun it was… and how i would spend all my coins on nothing but i really wanted the unicorn penguin. so im downloading the app again so i could play it as much as i did when i was a little kid.

FYI: Supersolid has existed for many years now, but they still haven’t got any way of users backing up their game data. You can get really far in this game (like I did) but the moment you get a new phone you will lose everything you’ve earnt!! Very disappointing

I have so much nostalgia with this game. I used to play this all the time when I was little. This game is so fun and has not lost its fun. I really recommend it. It does not need wifi, so it’s good for long car rides. Overall, I absolutely adore this game, and if you are thinking about getting it, you should definitely try it. The graphics are not the best, how ever that does not take away from the experience. Thank you for reading my review.

Amazing! I love the story line and all the customisation techniques implemented into the game. You can have soooooo many combinations with the skins and accessories!

I loved this game soo much. Its quite interesting. The first thing is there is no ads. Then the next thing- there are many penguins and other cute animals. I have never given 5 stars for any game, but this one- I really like it. So I gave 5 star rating for this game.

Fun game but you have to subscribe and like the game to get some different skins in the game but some are free it would also be a bit better if they added more skins in for cheaper game fish but overall a good game for passing the time.

ANAZING This is a very fun game and I love to play it I have been playing for years and I enjoy it trying to beat your highscore is very entertaining. I would highly recommend this game!!!

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