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Snowbreak Containment ZoneSnowbreak: Containment Zone is a 3D sci-fi RPG-shooter powered by the Unreal Engine 4 that offers a next-gen, cross-platform gaming experience, sharing your progress across all of your devices.

The Descent of the Titans turned a once-vibrant city into the devastated wasteland of Containment Zone Aleph. As the Adjutant of Heimdall Force, bravely undertake missions alongside Manifestations with the powers of gods and unique personalities, seeking to bring this bitter winter to an end…

Enjoy Hybrid Combat
Snowbreak’s weaponry injects realism into a sci-fi setting, with designs closely simulating future firearms technology. This combines with the otherworldly, RPG-like skill mechanic to create a refreshing combat experience.

Take on Titans
The Descent of the Titans completely changed the world, and the battlefield. Feel the thrill of battling giants in this dystopian future!

Befriend Operatives
Spend time with your Heimdall Force companions in the Base system. Decorate, chat, and give gifts to grow closer!

Play Co-Op in Gigalink
Tired of exploring alone? Join up with friends and fight enemies together!

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Snowbreak Containment Zone user reviews :

The gameplay, characters, and story are all interesting to me. The rewards are generous and the graphics are amazing…but that’s the problem. The graphics take up so much, even on low settings that halfway decent phones still struggle with it. I don’t need high-end graphical settings, but I don’t want to play on settings so low, it looks like I’m looking through the eyes of someone with severely impaired vision.

I’m having a good time in this games and I’m loving the character, the gameplay and the co op. However, the touch controls are not working well and need some fixes and I don’t want to rely on controller just to play a on my phone. My next issue is how enemies become a bullet sponges every time I’m going through the levels. I can handle taking more damage and be force to be careful but not taking 20 seconds to kill one single normal enemy. Aside of that I’m really happy with the games.

From what i’ve experienced from the game since it’s releases, I expect the team to add more playable things that can be enjoyable by the players. Leveling up to 70+ is getting harder and harder and doing only operations is kinda lame but it was a great game. Also when the enemy attacks or i press a skill it fps drops so it’s troublesome to me. I rate it 5 cause it’s fun to me and i love it even though my phone is not that great, I really like the design of the characters they are beautiful.

In absolute love with this game. My only issue is with the mobile controls, if you don’t perfect them it ruins the whole experience. I do enjoy the default options, but find myself needing to use specific settings to work. That being said, I can’t wait to see where this game goes and are glad I joined early!

Really like the game and the graphics. The story is getting interesting. I like using my Xbox controller but I need a way to increase the sensitivity on the joysticks. Only touch is adjustable. Also, it’s very annoying that sometimes during dialog I have to touch twice or thrice for the next text to appear even with the cursor and pressing A I still have to press more than once to continue reading it makes me want to quit the game. I love how u implemented a cursor and controller support.

The concept is very good, and the gameplay is fun, I really enjoy the aesthetic and design of the world and characters as well. I only have two major critiques. Firstly, the game seems to struggle running on mobile, even though my device is high end, not to mention controls still feel a bit odd even after doing a lot of tweaking in the settings. Secondly, it’s really hard to read the longer text when it scrolls, especially during gameplay.

The game has been performing better than it used to although the audio still does get choppy in the menus and cutscenes. The visuals are still as blurry as before. Other than the graphics and performance, the controls also need to be optimized. As for the gameplay, it gets pretty difficult to level up as you reach a certain point in the game. There is not much to do other than the side content that are also pretty easy to clear out. The game has been a great experience despite these issues.

  • Dear Adjutant~ Thank you so much for your valuable feedback. Every player’s feedback is crucial to us and we have forwarded your feedback to the development department for their reference. Once again, thank you for your support.

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