Solitaire Adventure Tripeaks – Refresh your brain with different puzzles

[Game] Solitaire Adventure Tripeaks

Solitaire Adventure TripeaksThis is a Solitaire game applicable to Any one, if you like card games, the game will bring you endless fun, challenges. All this is completely FREE!

Enjoy the journey with three friends in Solitaire Adventure Tripeaks,The Solitaire card game which allows you to refresh your brain with different puzzles.

Star/Level Chest: Collect stars to open the Star/Level chest to win abundant rewards.
Undo: Tap “Undo” icon to try again, you can play the card you’ve missed.
Combo Bonus: Additional bonuses will be awarded for continuous removing the cards.
Wild Card: You can use the wild card to remove any cards you want to get rid of.

1000+ levels to play
Lots of unique Solitaire card game layouts
New fun solitaire game twists
Complete your collection and boost your gameplay
Easy to play yet challenging to master – let’s see if you can win!?

Solitaire Adventure Tripeaks is a free solitaire card game to download and free to play for everyone. But you can purchase in-app items, such as extra moves or lives.

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Solitaire Adventure Tripeaks user reviews :

I was playing the challenge mode and on level 4 it wants me to play 2 3 4 from left to right but I’ve played the level 8 times already and lost over 20,000 coins trying to beat it each time for it to not to have any of the numbers I need to play so it ripped me off I’m not happy do better creators

Its a fun game. There are several ways to earn extra coins. It’s a little busy with all the different ways to earn extra coins and you have to watch an ad. Then there is something to click on for the ones you earn. Of course I would rather not watch ads but if I have to……

I am giving your app a 3 star because the level I have reached there is an add that your app won’t allow me to “x” out to go back to this game. Would you please text me and tell me why this is happening. UPDATE; The problem seems to fixed. Yeay!

I love this game…it helps me a lot especially when I am in distress. Ty Google for allowing this game to remain free to all of us whether it’s for fun or therapy for us who we suffer from very stressful situations. Your the best once again Google tysvm!!!

Like this game. Good rewards. Only thing is it cost a lot of coins to get more cards. If you don’t finish the level the price keeps going up. I Like that if you watch a video you get 3 more cards. Wish you could do that more then once. Like spinning wheel. This is a player friendly game. Thanks

I started out loving this game. Graphics are amazing. I came to realize that is never be able to get ahead because the price of the game is so many coins, then if you need extra help it doubles with every play. I would go in every hour to my garden until I had over 200,000 coins. I played for 15 minutes and they were gone. You spend 1500 pet game at first but you only make a few coins back. Then it raises to 3000 and with every game you make back about 100 coins. No fun. Lots of ads.

Its enjoyable. I love the graphics/colors. Im a borderline insomniac, so i like a variety of games i can play while everyone else is sleeping.

I love this game! It’s fast and you get extra cards if you want them. A great way to pass time. The best solitaire game ever!

I like this game because it’s where you can be slow at doing it and take your time and relax or speed up and go faster depending on how you feel. It’s a good game

I really enjoy this game, but it crashes ALL the time! It’s so frustrating! Especially when I’m in the middle of a hand and it stops…*ugh*!! But it’s got cute graphics and fun challenges. I give it a 5 star for the game but a 1 star for performance!

  • Thank you for your support and love, and I’m very sorry to have you encounter this problem. Please send more details such as game version, mobile phone system version, etc. to 23018987[at] so that we can solve the problem!

Love this game! Awesome graphics and cute characters. Collecting the cards is fun too. I recommend this game to anyone else who loves Solitaire games as much as I do. You won’t be disappointed if you give it a try. Plus it don’t make you watch a ad after every game

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