Solitaire Cat Islands – Travel in a mysterious world

[Game] Solitaire Cat Islands – Tripeaks

Solitaire Cat IslandsA perfect game for you! Introducing Solitaire Cat Islands-Tripeaks!

A completely TriPeaks solitaire game! There’s no need to wait for hearts to refill!

Classic Solitaire TriPeaks!
Solitaire Cat Islands is a relaxing game where you play card games while you travel in a mysterious world.
It’s fun and easy to grasp! Enjoy classic Solitaire TriPeaks gameplay!

Fun with cats!
Do you like… cats by any chance?
Meet the most lovely, awesome cats that are exclusive to this game!

Mysterious stages!
The game graphics make you feel like you’re in a fairytale!
It’s about time you set off on an adventure with cats to an astounding world.

Challenge and collect!
Clear the difficult stages, and collect more cat friends!
Special rewards await you!

Sit back and relax!
This game does not require internet connection!
You don’t even have to wait for hearts to refill!
It’s completely free, so have fun playing this game as much as you want, anywhere, anytime!

Media access permissions are required to save screenshots.

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Solitaire Cat Islands user reviews :

I have played many tri-peaks games and this is by far the best, you can play as long as you want with no lives system, it’s challenging without being impossible. They’re generous with boosts and other features and the app itself is absolutely beautiful and the cats are adorable! It’s so refreshing to play a game that doesn’t bombard you with ads or with levels that are impossible to complete. If you can’t complete a level it doesn’t make you repeat the same frustrating level over and over. You don’t need to spend a penny to play but I have already spent a few quid just to support this wonderful game! Well done developers

  • Hello! Jo Jo, Thank you for your valuable review. Try to get into the new enjoyment of solitaire. :) Solitaire Cat Island will continue to be a game that strives to provide greater fun to users. Have a nice day!

All around wonderful game – the animation style is pleasing and all the scenery is adorable. The ads (so far) have not been intrusive and I’m hoping it stays that way

  • Thank you for your valuable review. We will repay you with a fun update as much as you enjoyed it. Please continue to enjoy.

Love this game, it’s cute, the music is really relaxing, and you can collect cats! Not a fan of the newest update though with the different card layouts. I find it difficult to see all the cards when they’re scattered around and I’ve found I’m having to end games or use items a lot more now so it’s taken the relaxing feeling out of the game. Would be better if we could choose the card layouts (either original or different)

  • Thank you for your valuable review. We will make your precious time enjoyable.

This company always does the best solitaire games! I’ve purchased no ads in their other three games, however this game is lacking a few key things where I did not buy this time. Changing card fronts, backs, and tables is locked behind a continuous pay wall! I used to enjoy trying to unlock all the cards, so this is extremely disappointing. Also, it’s only Tri Peaks, no other solitaire games. This game is beautiful and well polished, but their other games are better for long-term play.

  • Thank you for your reviews. We will send your opinions to the development team and review positively. We will always try to listen to user’s comment. Thank you.

I have loved this game, but I’m incredibly disappointed in your decision to switch to alternative card layouts. I enjoyed that your game was the rare instance of a traditional tri-peaks game with an interesting concept. Now it plays like every other tri-peaks game out there and it’s definitely less fun than it was. The addition of the counter for number of cards left is great, though. With the new layouts I’m now looking forward to finishing the story and moving on from this game.

  • Thank you for your valuable review. We will repay you with a fun update as much as you enjoyed it. Please continue to enjoy.

Enjoyable solitaire game with cute characters and storyline. The newest update kind of ruined it for me though. Edit: I tried to give it a chance, but there are no tripeaks layouts anymore, I can’t see half of the new layouts properly and most levels are almost impossible to win without items. I absolutely do not like the restart cost – either you can keep a good win ratio OR you can have the characters. I no longer enjoy playing this game and will be uninstalling.

  • As many parts of this time are updated, we apologize for many confusions to you. We have been preparing for updates while we have long been a long way to have a long way to have more and long directions. Although this update is inexperienced, you have a little more affection and watch this game. We will continue to develop a game.

I like the game there is cute cats and themes the levels are fun. Theres also cute things you can dress up your cat with. But I have text problems, sometimes the pages of text letters or words are missing. So if I watch an ad for more cards in a level after the ad ends the options page will pop up. But on the options page letters will be missing. I tried closing and opening the app but it still happens if also happens with other text in the app it’s annoying.

  • We are sorry for the inconvenience. Send screenshot with game ID to cs[at] And please explain the game problem you are experiencing in detail. We’ll help you as soon as possible. Thank you.

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