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Solitaire Classic GPGThe Most Relaxing & Addictive FREE Classic Solitaire Card Games, Solitaire or Patience, is just for you!

Enjoy the best free and popular Solitaire card games in the world for free at any time and place! It’s time to train your brain, challenge yourself and be a Solitaire or Patience master, try this classic and free Patience Solitaire card game!

Solitaire games, also known as Patience in Europe (such as the United Kingdom, French, etc.), are Solitaire card games, and can be played by a single player.

This is not a social casino game. You can enjoy Solitaire anytime and anywhere, without money in and money out.

How to play this free solitaire card games
To solve this FREE Solitaire card puzzle, you should move all solitaire cards of 4 suits – hearts, diamonds, spades and crosses to the Solitaire Foundations. There is one deck – 52 solitaire cards in the classic Solitaire game.

You need to stack solitaire cards by suit, from Aces to King (A, 2, 3 and more). You can also move solitaire cards between columns, and stack solitaire cards in descending order and differentiate between red and black suits. For example, a black 10 could only be followed by a red 9. Only a King could be placed in the Free Column. You can move the stack of solitaire cards by dragging the whole stack to another column.

Solitaire game or Patience game is an addictive solitaire card game from the Classic Solitaire collection, which is similar to other Solitaire card/board games, such as Cube, Freecell, Spider, Tri Peaks, Pyramind, Golf, Mahjong and Yukon. Classic never fades. Solitaire, or Patience is the best way for you to relax and pass the time, play it anytime, anywhere with patience and insistence. You would absolutely love playing this free Solitaire card game.

Key Features of Solitaire Card Games

Classic solitaire gameplay, super fun and addictive
Left-hand mode, more convenient for you
Solitaire 3 Draw Mode, more challenging to play games
Statistics section, keep improving and challenging yourself during solitaire games
Daily Challenge, start every day with fun and relaxing Solitaire games
Unlimited hints and undo. Playing solitaire could be easier.
Play Joker. Get stuck? No worries, the Joker card is here for you to play solitaire card games smoothly
Various backgrounds – the classic green one, those with beautiful scenery, and cute animals, etc. Select the one you like, customize your solitaire game, and enjoy!
Kinds of card faces and card backs. Playing solitaire is more than a relax, snowman, dogs and cats are here for you to choose from.
Dynamic background animation. It brings more fun while playing. You’ll love it!

Some solitaire games are unsolvable, according to the classic solitaire rules. If you get stuck, you can try a new solitaire deal or try some boosters in the solitaire game for help.

We are always keeping improving to make this free solitaire game better and better. Try this solitaire game, you will find it’s really fun and relaxing! Enjoy yourself with the popular and classic solitaire card games for free!

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Solitaire Classic GPG user reviews :

This was the best solitaire game until they started running a new ad. The ad doesn’t let you exit out of it. I have to close and restart the app in order to get out of the ad. The 5 in the corner doesn’t count down even after you play the mini bingo game. No matter what payment method you choose, it takes you to the galaxy store. When you go back after going to the store, the ad is still there and not counting down. No other ad has this issue.

  • Dear User, we are sorry for the inconvenience. Could you please kindly take a screen recording or some relevant screenshots regarding the new ad, and send to card[at] It would be very helpful for us to locate the issue and make the game right for you. As for the payment issue, may I know more details? -Jasmine

Latest update ruined it! I originally didn’t mind the ads. The daily gifts were worth watching the ads before they only gave 1 coin for all 3 boxes. Games have gone downhill with every update and now the developers have gotten greedy and making the ads more frequent for less payout. I just wanted to play a game, not spend the majority of my time watching ads.

  • I am sorry that the upgrade didn’t meet your expectations. If you have any suggestions, please reach us at card[at] We’ll appreciate that! As for 1 coin, we will continue to find the cause behind. Can we give you 50 free coins as compensation? And so sorry for ads bothering you. Hope to hear from you. -Jasmine

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