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[Game] Solitaire Daily Break

Solitaire Daily BreakSciPlay brings you Solitaire Daily Break- an engaging and interactive classic solitaire game.

Play the classic card game you know and love completely for free! Relax and play endless levels of free classic solitaire. Gather solitaire jigsaw puzzle pieces while you play and unlock beautiful jigsaw paintings! The goal of the game is to move all the cards from the Tableau to the Foundation from Aces to Kings in the same suit.

Play solitaire games, gather jigsaw pieces, complete puzzles and earn customized backgrounds, card fronts and backs.
Play free solitaire with the most stunning background and card themes you’ve ever seen! Enhance the experience with fan favorite themes like anime, outer space, ancient Egypt and many more!

Looking for something fun to do in your spare time? Step into the Solitaire jigsaw puzzle kingdom and play a new solitaire card game! Download Solitaire Daily Break and play solitaire free. Also known as the patience game, classic solitaire involves strategy, skill, and a little luck.

Keep your mind sharp by solving free solitaire games and Solitaire jigsaw puzzle games. This classic solitaire card game will help you keep your brain active during your downtime. Play these free basic solitaire card games and enjoy the best puzzle card games anytime, anywhere!


Completely free solitaire!
Classic scoring system. Keep track of your solitaire jigsaw puzzle game performance with statistics on your current match and your all-time best score
3-card draw: 3-card settings turn the game into an even more challenging and thrilling experience. Make the most out of this solitaire puzzle game and triple the fun!
Autocomplete: Quickly finish a solved game
Boosters: Not sure what your next move should be? Use the ‘hint’ booster to make things easier. Regret your last move? No problem. Use the ‘Undo’ booster to take it back
Stunning animations and sounds plus, a neat and responsive design with haptic feedback!
New player friendly: Use our tutorial for beginners and you’ll be completing levels in no time!

So, sit back, unwind, and play Solitare Daily Break- the most engrossing solitare card game online.

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Solitaire Daily Break user reviews :

I love solitaire and I love doing jigsaw puzzles so this is a perfect game for me. The ads are not too intrusive. I really enjoy this game. The only problem is I have completed all the jigsaw puzzles and I’m up to date and all the daily puzzles so I’m waiting around for them to update the game. When might that be??

Doesn’t work at ALL!! T Tried opening a few times, there’s nothing but a green background, with outlines for where cards should go, but no cards will ever come up, you can’t select any game or anything, it JUST a background!! Don’t waste you time! UNINSTALLING.

  • Hi there! Thanks for reaching out to us about game stability. Have checked to make sure you are on a stable connection whether wifi or date, opening up more storage space/memory, and clearing your cache? If you can, please report it using the contact us button in settings. We will do our best in helping you. ~Santiago

A great game to play and with the added bonus of putting a jigsaw together what more could you ask for, it plays so good and easy.

Edit: Nope too many ads and too many impossible deals! Just as bad as the rest of them. The Best solitaire by far. Ive been through a few! No annoying ads yet… Good progression and a great time killer!

  • Hi there! Thanks for reaching out about the number of ads. We aim to make our ad experiences user-friendly while still supporting our game. When an ad timer is up, you can close the ad. If you experienced a problematic ad, please report it using the contact us button in settings. We will do our best to help you. ~Santiago

This Challenge goes about Successfully making the Simple Card Game of Solitaire much more Challenging to properly Complete!

Ok, with this daylu challenge, I get to play a new challenge. I don’t have to replay it again. Please respond.

This is a comfortable, nice, good game, I like it. I like earning these points.


I was having great words right from the start, so far so good. Give it a try.

This game is one of the most Amazing games that helps me to stay calm & focused.

I like great solitaire daily break and jigsaw puzzle play cards awesome Absolutely stunning.

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