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[Game] Gin Rummy Legends

Gin Rummy LegendsTest your wits in a quick, addictively fun, and easy-to-learn card game that will keep your mind deeply engaged thanks to a constant supply of thrilling tactical decisions!

Play online, chat and meet new friends from all around the world or invite your best buddies to join you. Experience the most social Gin Rummy app ever created!

Gin rummy is a timeless classic that owes its long-lived popularity to the phenomenal balance between simplicity of gameplay mechanics and a constant supply of thrilling and highly consequential choice-making. Game rounds are short and exciting which makes the game perfect for busy modern-day life while its underlying deep layer of poker-like mind-games and subtle strategy will definitely keep you engaged during longer sessions.


Online multiplayer – fair and fast matchmaking for players of every skill level.
Chat with friends – real-time chat with emotes, voice and image sending.
Responsive gameplay – designed to deliver the best experience and feedback.
Fair card system – truly random card shuffling.
Stunning looks and immersive sounds- beautifully crafted game tables and cards with full 3D animations and realistic sound fx.
Tournaments and events – compete to win amazing rings, trophies, coins and other cool rewards.
Leaderboards – climb to the top of local and global rankings.
Play on multiple devices – login with Facebook and always have access to your account, friends, coins and game stats.
Many supported languages – English, French, German, Spanish, Hebrew, Greek, Italian, Turkish, and many others.
Coin logs – If you have any doubt about your account’s coin activity you can access ‘Coin Logs’ and check your account history, just like you can do at a bank.
Constant improvements – crafted by a passionate team that truly cares about delivering the most immersive and fun gaming experience. We listen to our players and update the game regularly with new features and improvements.

Our app offers the most polished and realistic experience of traditional gin rummy plus all the benefits of the social mobile ecosystem. Join our welcoming community of the best competitive players, learn their tricks and sharpen your skills. Become the brightest of all rummy stars and ascend to the status of a true Legend!

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Gin Rummy Legends user reviews :

I really like this game better than the other one I was playing for over a year now. The graphics are so much better and you can actually talk to people! You definitely have to try I guarantee you won’t be sorry!

  • Love the game all the options I enjoy playing people from around the world I can play for hours.

Good game with an annoying bug – when playing several games with one player, the app suddenly takes you to the home screen (even when both players want to continue playing). If the player is a friend, you can invite them again to continue playing (still, the score until that moment is deleted). However, if the player is not a friend, there is no way to continue playing with that player.

The graphics and card manipulation is excellent. However game being only 30 points requires player to play altered strategy. If you have 4 points or less and you pick card above 4 your opponent needs, you must give it to them. For if you keep it and opponent gets another card they need for gin they’re out and you lose in first hand. Game must be at least 50 points. As well, being in Software development for 30+ years I am familiar with algorithms. This app is set to aid players w/ mega points.

No problems running the game. Doesn’t take long to find a person.

The best Gin Rummy game. I am totally addicted and play every day. Lots of variety and you play with people from around the world.

Rounds are too short (should be at least 50 points) making it really anti-fun when you or your opponent get Gin (or you undertake) in two turns and the game is over immediately. RNG rules this game far more than skill and it doesn’t feel good losing to happenstance so often. I like how fast paced the game is and don’t think having 50-75 points vs 30 each round would take away from that. I also enjoy the fact it has much shorter ads and far fewer of them and the app functions well enough.

Have been playing the game for a while now, the card dealing seems genuine. It all comes down to your ability to make same suit runs, or 3 or 4 of the same value card. The secret to this game is to know what has already been placed in the discard pile so you are not hoping for a card to turn up that has already been played. My hint is to make a grid and cross off the cards as they hit the discard pile. At this stage it is definitely a five-star game one of the best I have found.

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