Solitaire Daily Challenges – Different arenas every day

[Game] Solitaire Daily Challenges

Solitaire Daily Challenges

This free Solitaire(also known as Patience or Klondike) App remains original flavor of the most played game with Las Vegas style and Vegas cumulative style. Simple rules and straightforward gameplay make it easy to pick up for everyone, online or offline.

Daily challenges along with this solitaire HD game provide three levels everyday, which make it refresh and more interesting. Solitaire tournament/live match feature enable you to play against Multi-players from all over the world in real time.

Features of Solitaire

Large print for cards sign to save your eyes
Klondike solitaire gameplay
Standard & Las Vegas style, include Cumulative Vegas
Daily challenges added. Three challenges waiting for you every day.
Live solitaire match with multi-players/tournament online
Different arenas every day
Leader board & achievements shared with friends.
Layout for both right hand and left hand
Auto hints if you need
Full customization (with/without timer, card sets, backgrounds)
Intuitive moves
The brightest, most colorful display
Relaxing game music
Unlimited free undo
Unlimited free hints
Auto complete for solved game
Draw 1 or 3 cards options
Left handed mode or right handed mode
Option for all winning deals
Top 10 records & other statistics
Timer mode
Tablet support
Auto-save game progress and never lose any game
Single tap or drag&drop to move cards
Offline play, no WIFI needed except tournament
Opportunity to remove Advertisement. After purchase, you will own solitaire no Ads forever.
Coins rewarded. Earn money to buy magic tools.

Compared with other solitaire game apps, there are some highlights.

More than 30 languages supported – include Arabic,Azerbaijani,Bengali,Portuguese,Chinese,English,French,German,Greek,Hindi,Malay/Indonesian,Persian,kurdish,Italian,Japanese,Kazakh,Dutch,Urdu,Romanian,Russian,Afrikaans,Korean,Spanish,Swedish,Traditional Chinese,Thai,Turkish,Ukrainian,Vietnamese. More language to come.

Classic gameplay – If you have played solitaire on Windows, you will never miss this Andriod app. We keep the game true to the spirit of the classic Solitaire (also known as Klondike or Patience card game), and specifically optimized the game for an unmatched solitary experience on mobile phones.

Daily challenges – Three challenges are waiting for playing every day. Solitaire rewards winners with gold/silver/bronze cups and extra crown(s). Variant daily task from easy to hard: One card drawing, One card drawing without hints, three card drawing.

Arena & tournament- Live tournaments with 1 card or 3 cards options bring you a exciting match. Tournament participants have the same cards with the same order. Multi-player mode supports 2 players and 4 players options. Tournament participants can see opponents’ foundations with scores in real time. Participants have up to 3 chances to use magic/hint per game. Player claim magic gifts everyday.

Addictive and challenging – This free Solitaire card game is fun and challenging puzzle game that anyone can enjoy! Gameplay is very simple to start but hard to master. Tons of users are having fun for hours everyday!

Simple designs – By removing all the unnecessary features, our game is the most easy-to-play with clean and intuitive designs. Meanwhile, we have added many deluxe themes on top of the classic card game design.

Solitaire will provide you hours of fun on your mobile phone!
Now let’s download this Solitaire app(apk) and play incredible Solitaire for FREE!

Solitaire Daily Challenges user reviews :

Vegas mode is kind of unusable. Ads play in the middle of the game, distract you, and disable the undo functionality. Way too many ads, I understand one before and after games, but there are 3 before, and two during , another two after and repeat.

found it a little bland compared to some others I’ve played. Also the vs mode seems like a bot system because it seems almost impossible to win because they play so fast. I know I’m very good at solitaire and I couldn’t keep up with the speed.

The game is fun, only the cards move a little too slow to me!! Also just how far back do you go? I would like to play all the games , but over a year’s worth? All in all it maked you use your head and really think!!! thanks

  • Thank you for your feedback. Someone thinks card moves too quickly~It hard tomake a decision anyway,we will keep working for better expierence

would like it, but I can’t tell the difference between the 8’s & 9’s, makes it really hard for me to play. Other than that, pretty good. Best to all.

So far, So good. The last card game pissed me off by making you watch a dumb ad ever friggin time before you get to play the free game. This is the replacement app.

I love this solitaire game the trumps and I would recommend it to anybody it passes the time off when I don’t have anything else to do it is such a wonderful game

It’s a great Solitaire game. I really like the Daily Challenge… the only thing is that it closes up for no reason…& will go to some stupid game & you can’t get back to what you were playing…

This game has turned out to be the best game. Has option to play by urself or u and another player or compete with 4 players. Fantastic, one of the best solitaire games I’ve played

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