World of Solitaire Magic Card – Guide a kindhearted fairy

[Game] World of Solitaire Magic Card

World of Solitaire Magic Card

Enter a whole new world of solitaire as you play a magical card game adventure!

Guide a kindhearted fairy, a noble knight and a powerful wizard as they pursue the evil witch, Jill, who intends to destroy the knight’s realm and enslave its people.

Magic solitaire offers exciting twists on ordinary solitaire games, as the power to overcome Jill is contained in the cards laid out before you at the start of each level. To win, you must remove the cards to claim the mana they hold. This mana will allow you to rebuild villages, erect towering castles and breathe new life into dead forests with a wave of the wizard’s wand, a sprinkle of the fairy’s magic and a slice of the knight’s sword.


280 magic levels;
7 different building locations;
8 fantastic card suits;
30 great achievements;
Wilds, Jokers and powerups.


Listen to the game soundtrack;
Enjoy wallpapers of finished locations;
Read descriptions of the heroes.

Obstacles such as spider webs, frozen cards and fiery decks will abound on your quest, but the resourceful use of powerups will clear the way to the epic showdown with Jill and an ending you will not see coming!

Download and play magic solitaire card games to begin adventure unlike any you have experienced!

World of Solitaire Magic Card user reviews :

Cards & numbers on cards are way too small for playing on mobile phone. I’m a senior who has arthritis, so I play in landscape with my phone on a prop. For me this is a big obstacle. I can’t afford Wi-Fi or a tablet, so I will uninstall. Too bad, everything else seems okay.

This is a great game. You can play for weeks without spending money. It gets more challenging in many unique ways but never so challenging that you can’t progress. I have played this almost exclusively since the difficulty increased. Somewhat simplistic but really fun and not expensive.

I really like this! THANK YOU to the developers for making a simple paid version. I wish other developers would do the same. I’m SO tired of these “free games” that bombard you with ads and then nickel and dime you to death for boosters and extra lives, etc. Anyway, graphics for this game are good and the gameplay is alot of fun!

Absolutely love the graphics, audio & storyline! The lvls get harder but they are passable. I’ve already purchased the full version! Well worth the small price!! Love the game overall! Thank you devs! Please make more games like this! Thank you alawar you never disappoint!

I really like the card play in this game! The artwork is beautiful and the story is engaging. I wish Alawar would make more games like this. They are such creative devs!

Excellent game-play…very well of the story within the game :) entertaining and not the predictable ‘same-but-different’ layout……. (will buy here again!).

I enjoyed the game and thought it really fun to play. But due to the fact that it only let me play the beginning of the game and then told me I would have to buy the game led to me uninstalling it. I expect some in-game purchases but I wasn’t expecting that I would have to buy the game to continue, especially since it was a free download, which it feels like a trick. So overall, I enjoyed the game and would have given it 5 stars, but I was just so disappointed that I would have to buy the game.

Fun and so very entertaining. Thank You Alawar. Would love to see more of your games for Androids on Google Play.

Good game. Having fun with it. Just wished it could cloud sync.

Really fun games! All controls work perfectly

Good game, ads ok, fun, and worth playing.

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