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Solitaire Deluxe 2Solitaire Deluxe® 2 is the only leading solitaire app to give you over 20 solitaire variations for free, including classic and all of the most popular forms, and simple tutorials to help you out.

Solitaire Deluxe® 2 now has the world’s most fun leaderboards! Play with your friends and neighbors on a team, or compare scores with other players from around the world.

Exclusive Intelli-Tap™ card logic puts your card in the best space with just one tap… or, if you prefer, play the classic way and drag cards to the correct destination. With Solitaire Deluxe® 2 you’re in control.


Draw 1 and Draw 3 Klondike… plus 20 others like Spider, FreeCell, and Tri-Peaks!
Exercise your brain: Best-in-class tutorials for all 20 solitaire variations.
In-Game shop for exclusive cards & backgrounds.
Winnable Deals – Thousands of guaranteed winnable deals for every game!
Beautiful HD Graphics.
Play with friends by signing in to Facebook, or play solo.
Amazing leaderboards show how your scores stack up, and how smart your team is!
Exclusive Easy Read™ cards.
Exclusive Intelli-Tap™ card movement logic.
Best-in-class customer care for any questions.

Some of our Solitaire variations:

Spiderette is a quick version of Spider, using only 1 deck of 52 cards. Assemble runs to clear tricks! The object is to clear the tableau of all cards. When one tableau pile contains 13 cards sorted down in suit from King to Ace, those cards are removed from the tableau.

Pyramid is a simple, fun game with a little bit of math. The object is to remove all 28 cards from the triangular Tableau. Remove cards by pairing cards that add up to 13. Aces have a value of 1, Jacks are 11 and Queens are 12. Since Kings are valued at 13, they may be removed alone without making a pair.

Your mobile device has advanced… isn’t it time your solitaire did, too?

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Solitaire Deluxe 2 user reviews :

Works well. I like the variety of games. I say the following just because I liked their very early version much more. “The Animations are boring in color & appearance. They are slow, take much too long, & you can’t get past them. After playing a very fast game for a better score, you have to then sit & wait for silly animations to finish before you can move on. It is like speeding, then being forced to stop & twiddle your thumbs, then resume speeding. I usually just leave the App at that time”

  • Hi there, Jeanne. Please rest assured that we are constantly working on improving the game, and we greatly appreciate your feedback. We will make sure to forward your comments to our development team so that we can continue to enhance the experience for all of our players. Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

The app is high quality, and includes a wide variety of game styles. Naturally, there are ads – that’s fair. But many of the ads it allows don’t have a mute option. If someone wants to pay a game developer to show me poorly targeted ads for a game there’s no reason to think I’d ever download or play, I’m ok with that. If those ads insist on blaring stupidity at me – and everyone else in the room – I’ll have to uninstall. Update: 4/5, thx for the response, I’ll wait a while and update again

  • Dear Honor, Thank you for updating your review. Our team is already working on resolving the issue with the sound in the ads. Regardless, we are grateful for your feedback and keep updating the ads and the game itself, so hopefully, you will give us another chance. Have a lovely day!

I actually downloaded this app for the bonus points for a game, but I kept it because it was really fun and well designed…. over 60 days later, I’m playing every day, and it’s great for relaxing and minimal ads. I paid the one-time fee to get rid of the ads and love that they don’t hound you for subscriptions! Awesome! (It’s been over 2 years, and I’m still playing daily and LOVE IT!)

  • Hello there, Elise! Accept our endless gratitude for your response. We’re glad you’ve been playing for over 2 years and still love the game Thanks for your continued support, and wishing you all the best!

I enjoy the themed background & card-back graphics. Both of which are pleasing and artistic. Choices are numerous for procurement & one’s personal preference. Play is smooth with a single tap to send your card to it’s destination. What becomes tiresome, is the way it jumps into ads. Classic solitaire isn’t an issue, but spider solitaire + some of the others, (where I take a little longer to study the board), gets slightly offputting. Other than that, it’s a good application.

  • Hi there, Danielle! Hope you’re having a nice day. We use ads to help support our app, but we’re always looking for ways to improve the players’ experience. We’re constantly testing new ad formats and adjusting the frequency of ads to find a balance our users will be pleased with. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. Best wishes!

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