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[Game] Ancient Gods – Card Battle RPG

Ancient GodsAncient Gods is a combination of gacha and deck-building rogue-lite.

No need for the internet, you will experience unique adventures, and build OP decks from hundreds of cards and characters to conquer new challenges.


Mild strategy turn-based card battle
One versus One battle, single-player mode, decide on which cards to take to make awesome, flawless combinations! Adventure awaits, but can you make the right decision in the randomly generated events on your journey?

30+ beautifully drawn characters to play with their own unique card and passives skill
Summon and complete your collection of gods

Classes and Skill System
Craft your own deck by choosing classes for your character

Combo system according to the color of the card you play
More than 300 cards to build


Since ancient times, all the planets of the Solar System have had life. Inhabitants of most planets have very powerful powers, with the exception of Earth. One day, the Sun moved into a new era creating a terrifying explosion, burning all the planets. Earth is the only place to live, all the races on other planets have moved here, using all their strength to protect this last planet and get through the Apocalypse.

As time passed, the original unity was gone, leaving behind the contempt of powerful races with Humans, who divided the land and ruled over Humans like slaves. At that moment, Humanity appeared 3 sisters with special powers, that is to copy the power of others. From there these Chosen Ones begin their journey to reclaim their planet.

Ancient Gods user reviews :

Fun. Update did indeed help issues. There’s a lot to keep busy with in the game. The runs are pretty long overall but can be saved and exited when you need a break. There’s a lot of builds to try out and the skills cover everything you can think of. The art is nice and the effects aren’t obnoxious. Ads aren’t overdone either which is great. I find myself coming back to it often both because I seek out the game in particular for the game play and because it happens to be a good one to pass time.

  • Apologies for any inconvenience caused. We kindly request that you update the game as it will resolve the issues you have encountered. In case you are not using Discord, please feel free to reach out to us via email at support[at]

Very much enjoying the flow of combat. The lack of voice lines can make the game a little quiet, and the quality and duration of the ads is somewhat excessive. That said, the core gameplay loop feels versatile, deep, and very good to play. I will definitely be playing more of this game to see how some of the late game feels, and look forward to character advancement and roster expansions as part of the upcoming content updates!

Terrific take on a deckbuilding card game – I especially love the challenge mode that gives incentive to learn and master the mechanics. The unique style is very unexpected, in a pleasant way, and I’m honestly surprised that I don’t mind a game with these micro-transactions – probably because they don’t impede your progress or gameplay until possibly much later. Clearly a lot of care went into making this game, hope the devs keep it up.

I love this, finding weird combinations of classes to change how I play the same character in every new run is fun! The mechanics are simple but tie into each other in unique ways, the designs and art are gorgeous, the gacha always upgrades multiple gods with 10-pulls instead of being a resource sink…it’s an awesome game. I don’t know how to use the consumables in your main menu storage, but it’s fun and you can tell the devs put a lot of work into it. Fantastic game!

If slay the spire had over 30 characters with different abilities. The game could use a little more level, event, and enemy diversity, but I think it’ll come in time. A dedicated enemy (god) to overcome would help you feel like you’re working toward a goal of other than survival. It’s still pretty new, pretty strong showing out of the gate.

Really good game. I like it a lot honestly but it’s lacking a lot of content so it gets repititive sometimes but I’m sure the devs will add more in-game content in the future and it’s still fun anyway, even if there’s not much to do. Also, I love the mechanics tho I just wish that there’s something like an ‘ultimate skill’ for each character when you do certain card combos or something. Overall, it’s a very good game. I don’t have much problem with it. I’m just hungry for more content is all

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