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[App] Solitaire Home – Dream Story

Solitaire Home  Solitaire Home like Spider Solitaire or Pyramid Solitaire taken to whole new levels!

You will love to play this classic card game !

Top reasons to play Solitaire Home:
Totally free to play!
Easy to learn, and easy to master.
Different houses with tons of challenging levels!
Every day you play the game, there are free bonuses waiting for you!!
Collect cute pets and get tons of rewards !

Download and Play NOW ! Begin your exciting adventure with Solitaire Home !

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Solitaire Home user reviews :

It’s fun to play. Keeps your mind occupied. And the graphics are great! Keep up the good work! I have no problem with it whatsoever. Thank you

Well, Solitaire a since I was a kid.. game, I am grateful to have found a Solitaire and a new to me Make over the house game!. Thanks.

Fun relaxing and enjoyable plus exciting competitive and beautiful.

First off the game has nothing to do with home design. Second the AD’ S are constant and long and most require a triple tap to dismiss and some won’t unless you play the demo. You can’t buy the game but you can do a payment to play. This is insane and who ever does it is Quazy in the head. Not worth the time to play. The constantly long AD’S are longer the the game play it’s self. Thank you for your greed and destroying what could be a decent game to play.

Solitaire home makeover it is awesome game to play with good things about it ok

I love this game I’ve played quite a few levels already but now I’m getting annoyed with the fact that there is only one trading add that keeps popping up after every level you play, if it was a variety of ads it would be bearable but to listen to the same ad for 30 seconds on every thing you do on this game it becomes too much . I’m sorry to say but I’m not even gonna give this game one star and I would definitely not recommend this game to anyone who wants to download it .

It’s very nice cute charming nice background but the cards are to small to work with need to be bigger size so it makes it easier to play needs briter color.

This is such a fun game. There are ways to earn points by cash or watching advertising. I really like this game. I have been forced off of games because I won’t pay cash. So far, I’m not being forced off.

Cute little game.the best surprise was it plays just as it ad states. Love it. Thank you for your honesty . Rev.Marino.

Very well done. One of the best of the TP Solitaire varieties.

Needs it to where we can use stars to remodel, like some of the other games.

I love all of my solitaire games but this one I am enjoying playing and I also love the cards that come up

Love the game nice and relaxing at night to calm down after a long stressful day

I love the graphics. I really like the fast pace of the game. I’m really enjoying it.

Fun game with lots of ways to win coins and boosters.

It’s a great game to play, simple to follow, to sum it up brilliant

I thought you could decorate and they take a heart away every time you play.

Really like the game it’s great entertaining enough to keep me playing

I wish the game had a story and you could decorate in the game

Good game and gives you cards you can use..

I jo started playing this game and it very easy for all ages to play

I really like this game. Very entertaining and cool.

Yes I do and would love to enjoy the rest of the game ha ha ha

I really like this solitare game one of the better ones

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Game was Removed from Play Store

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