Riddle Road – Exciting stories of a small American town

[Game] Riddle Road

Riddle Road  Young journalist Abigail Fletcher is about to go on a huge adventure!

Numerous locations, tricky mysteries, exciting stories of a small American town Oldbridge, challenging puzzles, and new acquaintances  – this is basically everything one could ask for!
Join Abbie and uncover all of her family secrets, teach the villains en route a lesson or two, and follow closely all the plot twists!

Key features:

Spectacular locations, magnetic characters, and loads of challenging tasks! You are about to fix the old lighthouse, restore an abandoned factory, solve the mystery of an old locomotive and what not!
Enjoy mini-games to your own taste! Hidden objects, find differences, and many other types of puzzles – that’s exactly what you need for a perfect break! You are certainly up to the challenge!
Addictive solitaire levels with diverse mechanics – play one card up or one card down from your draw pile and you are all set for success!
Don’t forget about powerful boosters that will make any tricky solitaire level a piece of cake! Clear the puzzle board with a few taps? Easy!

Abbie can’t wait for you to join her on the adventure, solve all sorts of mysteries, and crack puzzles and solitaire levels on the way! Start your quest to become a true detective and a solitaire pro!

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Riddle Road user reviews :

The game hooked me at first. However, later on, it turns out a money-sucking game. The higher level, the more difficult to pass (means that the more trials is needed to pass a level), and more coins needed for each trial. The player must pay too much coins for each level. In my case, at level 442, I have to pay 3000 coins for each trial, and I had to play almost 10 times to pass it, meaning 30000 coins is required. This is too much! Besides, the story becomes lengthy and not interesting anymore.
  • Thank you very much for taking interest in our game. We are very sorry that some parts of the game seem frustrating. We strive to improve the game, and such messages as yours help us to see the right direction. If you have other suggestions or impressions to share, please let us know!
It is fun. And not over the top with advertisement. When I play a game, if every second I move and there is an advertisement, I will delete. Ones that are not over the top with advertisement, I tend to purchase. I want to actually try out a game without being bombarded with advertisement. I may end up purchasing this one.
  • Thank you, your kind feedback gives us the motivation to make the game even more enjoyable!
I like the game but as you move up in levels and hit games that cannot win you run into the big issue: the amount of coins needed to start a game keeps increasing… but… the number of coins you win each level is very small. That means you either need to buy coins or be patient and only play a game or 2 at a time until coins recharge. Rewards foe winning a level need to be rewards and allow to to play longer. I have been playing a while and ready to move on if this does not change.
  • All levels in the game could be passed without any in-game purchases. Abbie appreciates your help in search of her father and admits that kindness should be repaid with a free game.
This game use to be fun to play, but not anymore when you have to keep replaying the same level more then 8 or 9 time to get off of it tht is if you’re luck. And the amount of coins you need to play a level is so high you have to save your coins to get enough because sometimes you do not win enough to play another level.
  • Hello! Thank you for the feedback! Some layouts in the game are more challenging than others and require more time and effort. However, we are sure that you will cope with them all! If you have any suggestions on how we can improve the game, please, let us know via the game settings or riddleroad.support[at]vizor-apps.com.
Nice graphics. I was looking for an interesting mystery game. This is a twist on tripeaks solitaire. There is a plot you follow. There are mini games and puzzles to solve. I, myself, already have a solitaire game I’ve played for years and since I’m not really interested in another, I’ll probably uninstall it.
  • We are sorry to see you leave, but it’s always great to be open to new games to discover new adventures!

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