Sort It All – Exercise your logical thinking

[Game] Sort It All – Ball Sort Puzzle

Sort It AllSort It All is a game where you have to sort the colored balls in the tubes until each tube contains only one type of ball. It is a challenging and relaxing game for everyone. There are hundreds of custom made levels with increasing difficulty that will exercise your logical thinking.

Sort It All is packed with dozens of customisations for the colored balls and items (fruits, veggies, colour blind set, sports, xmas and more), avatars (animals, xmas and more), tubes (tubes, boxes, glass and more), and backgrounds (space, beach, four seasons, halloween, desert and more) that will let you choose your favorite layout while you play.

Touch on any tube to selected the top most colored ball
Touch on an empty tube or one that contains the same colored ball.
Try to sort it all in the least amount of steps.
Try not to get stuck. If you do, you can get help:
Replay the level as many times as you want.
Undo your last move.
Ask for a tip for the next move.
Use a wildcard to move to any tube, regardless of the color.
Add an extra tube

Simple control with touch
Various helpers to sort:
Undo last ball moved
Tip for the next move
Wild Card
Add Extra Tube
1500 custom made levels with increasing difficulty
Customize Avatars, Colored balls and items, background and tubes
Daily missions
Colorblind-friendly set of pieces for an better puzzle experience.
Relaxing music

Sort It All user reviews :

Doesn’t bombard you with ads like the other ones. Best sorting game out there with pretty neat customization.

  • We are pleased that you enjoyed the app. If there is anything we can do for you, just let us know at support[at]! Have a wonderful day!

I love this game! Would love it even more if they gave you extra coins for being able to get all the balls in the jars opposite side of the way the game starts. Or just two bottles next to each other.

  • Thank you for your feedback. We are currently working on a very similar feature.

Love well thought out puzzle games :] super fun, challenging and well made!

  • Thanks so much for the awesome review. Please tell your friends about the game and what they are missing out on

Fun, relaxing, the harder it gets it challenges your brain.

  • Thanks so much for the awesome review. Please tell your friends about the game and what they are missing out on

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