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[Game] Block Puzzle – Blossom Garden

Blossom GardenBlock Puzzle: Blossom Garden, the world’s most splendid block puzzle game!

Welcome to Block Puzzle: Blossom Garden!!
Move! Fill! Bloom!
Block Puzzle: Blossom Garden is a block puzzle game like no other!

How to Play Block Puzzle: Blossom Garden
Drag the blocks and put the blocks into the grid.
Remove by creating a vertical or horizontal line.
Game ends when there are no more places to put the blocks into the grid.
Use the special items to score higher and collect colorful crowns!!

Block Puzzle: Blossom Garden Features
Free to play!
Can be played offline!
Take your time, there is no time limit!
Simple yet addictive and splendid!
Awesome effects like never seen before!

Block Puzzle: Blossom Garden is a free block puzzle game.
Block Puzzle: Blossom Garden supports mobile phones and tablets.
Block Puzzle: Blossom Garden contains advertisements (banner, full screen, and video ads).

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Play Block Puzzle: Blossom Garden now!

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Blossom Garden user reviews :

After playing this visual satisfying game for a few levels, I deleted all my other block puzzle games. I enjoy the colorful flowers blooming when you completely remove a row. You also have the option to change the direction of a block to fit where needed. This game is also untimed, an added plus for me.

Awesome game play and graphics. Can’t win from 2nd level, always having to play ads.

Of all the block puzzle games i played this one is the best by far. Seen it on a ad of another block puzzle and its the first game i came across thats the same as that the ad have shown. Love the flowers aswell thats coming out of the block as the rows clear

This game is pretty fun there is some strategy involved so you aren’t just playing a game you are thinking about moves, blocks and how to use them to make the flowers bloom. The flowers are a nice touch.

So enjoyable while watching colorful flowers that erase my worries, tension, stress as well as anxiety as a SENIOR CITIZEN who is just waiting for my time to be with the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY since i have pains. This game helps me to while away the remaining days, weeks,months,years of my stay on earth. I find it very relaxing!

I wanted to play the classic brick game as it was shown in the ad where the bricks drop down from above and the player can change directions. It’s not that one so I have deleted it.

This is…..far by the BEST game I have ever played! I played a wood block games but this is it!!! look no farther. Love the colorful flowers! Im a deaf person but I sure can see all beautiful things. Thanks for this game!

Great little time waster. I love these sorts of easy games and the flowers are nice touch. A little bit of happy. Ads aren’t overwhelming and you can close them after 5 secs.

This is absolutely the BEST of all the block matching games…also the most graphic (intersting) game play. I just deleted all of my other block matching games…KEEPING THIS ONE..ONLY ONE I NEED/ WANT!!!

The best relaxing block game ever,was a little confused at as to the flowers show up to look like a row of flowers in colorful garden pattern but it’s nice.

I enjoy playing the block puzzle. My boredom was leasened. I am already 78 yes old and I have insomnia. Besides I have other sickness that I can forget the pain when I am playing. I forget that I am sickly.i am happy above all. Thank you for bearing my weakness.More power.

I love tje beautiful flowers! And the added twist of repairing the garden makes this game a step above other block puzzle games.

Love this game. But placement of aids to play is bad. I am continually being offerred choices I haveno need of just because my thumb sfrays into field of those 3 aids.

5 stars sorry about previous rating was for someone else . This block puzzle is lovely, gorgeous blossoms of beautiful colors are wonderful.,.

Very relaxinvg and fun to play. I enjoy the blossoms. I am an elderly player and so. Far have not had trouble seeing.

Enjoy this game. Keeps your mind adjusting to the moves you have to make, but in the same instance very relaxing too.

It’s has very good and pretty graphics,Good game for the mine and soul..Relaxing Plus a person gets to clean, plant flowers of their very own garden

Really enjoy playing this Block Puzzle Game. Love how the blocks turn into flowers. But how can I get more chances to get rotations without having to pay?

  • Thank you for your valuable feedback. You can watch and acquire short ads at the store for rotating items. When puzzles are difficult, use spinning items to play the game easily! Have a great day!

It is very interesting because you have to really use your mind and Imagination in order to make some points and I totally enjoy it

It’s a great game, I love the flowers the blocks change into. So colourful and fun.

It’s a fun game but I would like to win money even though I been playing games since got out of high school and never have won not a penny let alone a dime.

What an amazing game to play.As a gardener this game is awesome. Flowers instead of blocks so pretty.

Nice i enjoy playing this game even w/out reward money like so many game app of this day,but the truth is you wasting your time to play that game,.

This is so beautiful to watch the lovely flowers flying away Stunning game and also not so easy 10/10 to the developers

I just started playing this game & so far so good no issues yet so I’m giving it 5 stars I hope I continue to have no issues.

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