Match 3D – Improves your memory

[Game] Match 3D – Triple Legend

Match 3DMatch 3D – Triple Legend is a challenging and original matching game!

It’s very easy to learn how to play for everyone!

Want to be a triple Match 3D Master? Seeing 3D objects piled up on the ground, do you want to unjumble them?
Match 3D – Triple Legend offers you challenging levels to pair and match these objects!
By finding & matching 3D items in a limited time, you can power up your brain and speed up your thinking process. Hundreds of cute and diversified 3d combinations are waiting for you!

Key features:
A rich variety of objects and vivid matching 3D effect
More than 3000 levels
Simple gameplay
Easy and relaxing time killer game
cake, cars, fruits… in different colors & shapes!
Improves your memory, attention, and concentration trains your brain

How to Play
Tap three same 3d elements from a pile of messed-up items and eliminate them.
Use boosters to help you quickly pass the level when necessary.
Pay attention to the collecting bar; do not fill it up, or you’ll fail the game.
Try to clear all 3D items within a limited time to challenge higher levels and earn more rewards!

If you’ve seen it all, don’t hesitate to try it out and you’ll be addicted to Match 3D – Triple Legend !

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Match 3D user reviews :

Doesn’t crash like so many other games in this genre. You get lots of boosters to help you, free time and lightning bonus after winning 3 games in a row, lots of competitions to win and keep things interesting. It’s far from easy but with just the right amount of challenge to make it fun to play. Ads are limited to the end of the level, and for boosters, so another in your favour.

This is a relaxing and enjoyable game. The ads are not overwhelming even though some of them are pretty cheaply made. It does repeat the challenges over and over which can be dull, but it doesn’t force you to play them. Lots of ways to get coins.

I have played over 2,000 levels in this game. It is challenging and fun. There are ads after each level and for helps, but they never interrupt game play. I have never purchased helps. The game offers enough free ones for watching ads. Try it! It’s a good game.

This would be a 5 star rating, but the ads. The interrupting ads. I can deal with the ones at the end of each level, that’s not a problem. But the ones that pop up in the middle of the level I’m playing, WHILE I’m playing? Nope. This is absolutely unacceptable. I had THIRTY opened tabs in my browser after playing just a few levels in this game. Absolutely ridiculous.

I enjoy the game – however, when you are rewarded with “x” number of minutes/hours of free lives, when that time is up you go back to having just 5 lives. I had 19 lives at one point, was rewarded with 30 minutes… thus losing 14 lives. It’s annoying and I’d rather not receive the reward.

Wonderful! This game is so much better than the one from BoomBox.. Very generous with rewards and free play, and the levels arent so hard that you have to try 20 times just to advance. I can’t believe how much better it is!! 5 Stars!!!

Love this game as from the beginning the item start to get more and more harder to identify. Another game I had played till Level 2110. Started very easy and slowly getting more difficult

Fun to play. Just the right level of challenge. Side goals to get tools to help win.

I love the game. It gives you many ways to win without paying, but way too many ads. I mean every time I play a level I get an ad. Very discouraging.

This is a great game until you get to level 100. Then you get an amazon survey that pops up while playing levels. Sometimes more than once. I get the need for ads IN BETWEEN levels. But not while im playing it. Sadly I deleted this fun game becasue of that.

Symbols are nice and large so that you can tap on them easily. Much easier to gain points than other matching games.

love this game it take good skill to beat the clock. So it helps with your coordination also great to passed. the time away.

Brilliant game. I don’t feel at all guilty at the amount of time I play this game haha – Brilliant, graphics are lovely and challenging thank you xx

Fun game and not too difficult. Ads will drive you nuts unless you pay to have no ads

Very entertaining. You can actually win! Purchases are way too high. At some point you can’t win without spending a lot.

Great if you like a challenge and to compete with yourself . Good brain training

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