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Staycation MakeoverWelcome to a Staycation project! Renovate old houses all over the world and turn them into “Staycation Getaways,” where people can still travel without flying to another country.

Go on a virtual holiday and run your own vacation rental and interior design business. Transform old buildings into luxury hotels and fun guesthouses. Welcome dramatic characters all over the world and play challenging home design-themed puzzles to help find that perfect interior!

Run your own home design and property rental business
Construct and renovate houses, and turn them into the dream getaways
Travel around the globe without restrictions: Paris, Hawaii, the Caribbean, New York are on tap away
Build rooms from scratch with the most trending furniture from Pinterest and Wayfair
Discover your artistic ability and learn about inspiring, vibrant architecture and home decor
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This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your Google/App Store account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.
Please buy carefully.
Advertising appears in this game.
A network connection is required to play.
This game allows saving your progress through Facebook or Google/ Apple account
If you have a problem with this game, please use the game’s “Contact us” feature.

App Permissions
Optional Permissions
required storage access permission to save game data

Permission setting and withdrawal method
Android 6.0+: Device Settings> Application Management> Select App> Revoke Access
Under Android 6.0: Can revoke access by deleting an application

Staycation Makeover user reviews :

Absolutely love this game! Fun story and cute characters. Love the designs you get to chose from also. The match 3 part is fun also. ONLY problem I have is when the ads pop in sometimes I have to restart the whole game because the ad froze the game. I am a huge fan and plan on playing this game for a long time!! Great job developers, really great job!!

The game was great in the first location, but when you get to the second location, you start getting add. Not just one here or there, but a lot of ads. Sure you can close out of some of them quickly, but there’s too many. It’s too bad because I was really enjoying the game. There’s no choice really, you have a blueprint you’re supposed to follow for the decorating. But the styles and colors were really nice, so I didn’t mind too much. UNINSTALLED because of too many ads!

It’s a fun game. But like any match 3 game it gets progressively harder. The prices of the merchandise goes way up, but the coin prize for matching 3 never changes. You find yourself playing 2 or 3 match games just to advance. I’ll play until I get disgusted then I’ll uninstall. Just like all of them.

Just started the game but fun so far. Some of these design games are loaded with ads and get boring pretty fast. This game seems different. Nice graphics, easy match 3 and you get a good amount of cash to purchase what you need for your renovation. Update: I’ve been waiting weeks for an update to move on to next project. Nothing. Just a message “coming soon ” what is up with that?

I love that you can see where the redecorating will go, all others show the item behind the choices. The levels get super challenging which keeps me coming back. 4 stars because it freezes after a couple of rounds and im unable to watch ads for extra lives. If not for that it would be 5 stars!

Too soon it becomes difficult to play. Usualy you pass a bunch of levels before it starts to become difficult after maybe 50 level or so. This games after a few level it becomes difficult with odds of finishing the level is reduced. The steps reduced and the item numbers increases so soon. I am thinking the developers of this game maybe are looking for users to pay and buy so soon after starting the game.

I love the game but only gave it three stars because the only way to get boosters is to buy them. And you have to play four or more levels just to buy an item. You can’t get diamonds unless you buy them. I’m about ready to uninstall because it’s taking me two days to win one level. It was fun to play but now it’s boring playing the same level for two days.

Game is great but too tight with any bonuses, you pretty much have to pay to get one. I don’t mind a few ads but at least give me a bonus for watching one ,more than once a day. Thanx

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