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[Game] Solitaire Classic Klondike

Solitaire Classic Klondike

Solitaire is a time-tested classic card game enjoyed by millions of players worldwide.

Also known as Klondike Solitaire or Patience, this game will help to keep your brain active or give you a chance to unwind during short breaks and after a long day at work. Original solitaire levels will help you recharge your batteries. Sharpen your mind and have fun with this addiction solitaire card game!

Solitaire Klondike Highlights:

Classic gameplay
This is an easy-to-play free Solitaire card game with original rules. You need to place all the patience cards on Foundations by suit. Move cards between the Piles and use the Stock to solve a classic solitaire card game. Play patience, improve your skills and earn as many points as you can!

Challenging levels
Keep your mind active with original Solitaire Klondike levels! Practice your logic skills, memory and patience. Play these free solitaire card games anytime on your mobile device and become a real solitaire master!

A relaxing pastime
Play classic Solitaire card games when you feel tired or need a break. Short klondike solitaire games ​will help to distract you from the daily grind and keep you focused.

Klondike Solitaire Features:

Thousands of different levels.
Choose the original solitaire mode that suits you best and play a unique patience game every day.
Seasonal Events
Solve free solitaire games of several difficulty levels and collect all thematic postcards! Follow our updates and never miss a single solitaire klondike event!
Daily Challenge
Complete challenges in classic solitaire games, earn golden crowns and collect a unique trophy every month. Enjoy this patience card game!
Customizable themes
Choose from a variety of solitaire backgrounds and patience card designs to personalize your experience. Make your klondike solitaire original!
Hints and undos
Use hints when you’re stuck in a classic solitaire game. Tap undo when you think you’ve made a mistake. Become a real solitaire pro!
Joker card
When you have no more moves available, use a Joker card to try to finish a classic solitaire card game.
Simple tap or drag controls
Intuitive controls will help you focus on the free solitaire card game.
Finish the classic solitaire game quickly when you open all the patience cards.
Continue playing solitaire card games where you left off. Enjoy addiction solitaire klondike!

Solitaire Klondike rules:

To solve a classic Solitaire deal, you should move all the patience cards of 4 suits to the Foundations.
Original solitaire cards in Foundations should be stacked by suit in ascending order, from Ace to King.
To stack patience cards you should flip all face-down classic solitaire cards, building the Tableau of 7 Piles.
You can move face-up solitaire cards between the Piles, where you should stack the cards in descending order and alternate between red and black suits.
A stack of solitaire cards can be moved by dragging the entire stack to another Pile.
Only a King or a pile starting with a king can be placed in an empty space on the solitaire Tableau.

Questions about solitaire klondike:

Does every Solitaire game have a solution?
Not all classic Solitaire games are winnable, but the great majority is. If you follow the original solitaire rules, about 80% of the patience games will be winnable.

Are there any tips to win the solitaire card game?

Yes, here they are:
1. Learn the classic solitaire rules. It really helps.
2. Large Stacks First. If you start klondike solitaire with opening large stacks, you will have a better chance of revealing useful patience cards. Also it’s better to pick up all the solitaire cards from the stockpile and only then from the deck.
3. Don’t connect solitaire piles without necessity. It’s better to leave small piles to find matching solitaire cards faster.

Take a break, play classic Patience every day and become a real Solitaire Klondike master!

Solitaire Classic Klondike User reviews :

Nice UI but there’s bugs, bad logic, and missing features. Sometimes, sound plays despite the sound being set to off. Often, very often, games end (“No moves left”) even though there are still moves, like pulling down cards from the ace piles. I’ve had a plan for a win and the game ended. This is made worse by the fact you cannot replay/retry a game once lost. Instead of forcing the game to end with faulty logic, how about just add an actual choice for the user to end the game?

  • Hello! We’re sorry for this inconvenience. We’re working on the issue with the game stopping. We hope we can fix it soon. Please contact us via the ‘Help’ section so we could look deeper into your issue with the sound in the app. Thank you!

Played for a few days. The app itself works fairly well, let’s you know when you’re out of moves, & the different backgrounds are pretty but I got this one specifically because its ad said it has NO ads. It has the ad banner at the bottom but it’s not intrusive, & if it played one after completing a game, I could understand. But it plays them every couple of minutes WHILE you’re playing, which DOES intrude. There’s dozens of other solitaire games out there. Why should I fund the one that lied?

  • Hello! Thanks for your download and feedback. We’ll take into account your comments. We are always working hard to improve the app. Please feel free to contact us anytime if there are any questions.

Just awesome, fun, classic Solitaire. I love that this one goes on points of how many games you can complete in a row rather than time. It’s a lot more calming to my anxious little mind and a lot more enjoyable to me. Also, not heaps of ads, which is such a hard thing to come across in mobile games lately! Would highly recommend, A+ and just a fun, quiet, calming game.

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