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[Game] SpongeBob Adventures – In A Jam

SpongeBob AdventuresGet Ready to go on an Amazing Adventure with SpongeBob and his Friends!

Plankton’s latest scheme to steal the secret Krabby Patty Formula has backfired in a big way, leaving the world covered in JellyFish Jam! Now it’s up to you and SpongeBob, along with friends new and old to rebuild and restore order to Bikini Bottom and Beyond!

Build your own Bikini Bottom and travel to fan-favorite locations from the SpongeBob universe, like Jellyfish Fields, New Kelp City, Atlantis and More!

Explore, restore and rebuild SpongeBob’s world to its former glory with help from friends, new and old, that you meet along the way!

Unlock & interact with exciting animals and old pals on your adventures – you can even have pets like Gary, Pete The Pet Rock, Sea Lion and more join the fun and travel with you!

Craft items from Krabby Patties to Jelly Jars and farm and harvest crops to help you on your quest to rebuild Bikini Bottom!

Meet and Interact with your favorite characters from the SpongeBob Universe, from old friends like Patrick, Sandy, Mr. Krabs and Squidward to new ones like King Jellyfish, Kevin C Cucumber and many many more!

Trade the amazing items that you find on your adventures for awesome rewards!

Experience an all-new and hilarious storyline as you travel along on your Adventure!

SpongeBob Adventures user review :

Overall pleasantly surprised. Two issues though, one with the game and one in the genre. There are game freezes once in a while that forces me to restart the game which is frustrating as i dont have a weak device. The other issue is the scarcity of energy gain methods other than waiting or following the questline entirely. It would be more pleasurable within this kind of game for energy to be more sustainable or forgiving, if i decide to clear areas aside of continuing the main questline.

  • Hello player. Thank you for leaving your feedback. If you have faced any issues with the game we would certainly like to learn more about it to help you. Please contact us via the support button in the game settings. We will be waiting for your message to check the issue.

I have found a few things that I personally consider flaws, but I’m one person. For starters the energy given can be depleted in one move. Granted on bigger items that would be understandable, but when it’s on a flower, that can be problematic. I don’t know about licensing issues but if you could, I would recommend using some actual SpongeBob music. Overall I truly enjoy the game otherwise and plan on keeping it on my phone.

  • Hello Ryan. Thank you for sharing your suggestions with us. We will be glad to take them into account. Stay with us and enjoy your gaming time!

I downloaded this in hopes it’d be something fresh and new, but I was disappointed. From the very beginning, you can tell that this game is exactly like thousands of other games in the app store. You know the kind if you’ve ever played smartphone games. Time limits to plant stuff, repair buildings, clear areas, etc. I guess this kind of game can be relaxing for some, but I’m impatient & always end up spending a fortune. And for what? There’s cute animations & that’s it.

Love the concept of the game and the graphics are awesome. Clearing items costs too much energy and there are so many items blocking the field that need to be cleared to place new buildings on. The energy meter max is only 50 (takes 50 minutes to max). This requires you to have to play the game every 50 minutes for at most 30 seconds of actual gameplay. Of course, you can bypass this if you make purchases. Would love to see a larger energy meter and more ways to earn energy and gems for free.

  • Thanks for giving us new ideas to help improving the game, we will make sure to consider your feedback when deciding about future updates to the game!

This game has great potential however there’s one thing that needs to be heavily reworked; the energy system. Nobody likes to wait for 30 minute intervals just to do one task. The 50 energy regeneration cap is abysmally low, especially for how much energy is required per task. Rework the system or replace it all together because otherwise the game is unplayable.

Like any other games, you need to use energy to do something. But this game consume A LOT of energy. I mean, sure. You can get energy from watching ads, or play mini games and exchange some stuff. Even you can wait until it refills the energy automatically. But it is too boring because everything in this game took quite a long time to achieve something. I’ve waited for months to play this game. Sorry. BUT on the positive side, the story is interesting and graphic is also spectacular.

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