Goblins Wood – Build your wood empire

[Game] Goblins Wood – Tycoon Idle

Goblins WoodEnter a new addictive clicker game – Goblins Wood and enjoy a lot of challenging levels!

BUILD YOUR WOOD EMPIRE: start your acquaintance from a small forest and gradually expand your holdings to build a real profitable wood tycoon empire!

MERGE GOBLINS: combine two goblins to get a one powerful and then upgrade it to the maximum.

UNLOCK: new territories, grow your forests, hire more goblins and boost your gold income.

COLLECT: game cards and upgrade your goblins. Find a lot of cards and unlock special abilities and resources.

SOLVE PUZZLES: you’ll need a little bit of strategy to progress through this Idle lumber game: match goblins right now or wait until you get more benefits and bonuses. It’s up to you to decide!

Progress through each challenge to unlock new areas and claim exciting rewards for your achievements. Fun and challenge never ends in Goblins Wood Idle Game!

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Goblins Wood user reviews :

No thanks. There is no way to back up the game. @ $20 USD for add free, it’s about 2X what I would be willing to pay, AFTER backing up the game. If I had never played Gold n Goblins, I would maybe like this one, but the graphics are too much and get in the way, as compared. But most importantly, by level 10 its painfully obvious the game is geared towards encouraging purchases. One can play w/o purchases, but it’s not very fun, and who wants to lose $ on a game w/o data backup?

  • Hello! Please email us at goblinswood[at]progameslab.com. We will look into the problem.

Update: they have refunded my purchase after my review. I actually love this version more than the gold. Here’s the problem, though. I had to get a new phone and game restarted from 1. That would be fine, but I paid for no ads. I now have ads. I emailed them, and the response was that i have to pay for no ads again cause they don’t save progress. No thanks. Won’t be playing anymore. Do NOT spend a dime on this game cause you will lose every penny if something happens to your phone. Terrible.

  • Hello! Please email us again at goblinswood[at]progameslab.com. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you and will resolve your issue as soon as possible.

Fun game definitely a good way to kill some time. Only problem is after the July 28th update when I try to log in I get stuck in the loading screen so not sure what happened in the update hope it gets fixed soon. Update: After a little back and forth with the IT department they were able to get everything taken care of and even gave me a bonus for the trouble so definitely worth it

  • Hello! Please email us at goblinswood[at]progameslab.com. We will help you.

Doesn’t open anymore. I actually enjoyed this game but now it no longer opens. I was also annoyed that you end up with goblins you can’t upgrade once you move past their level from the upgrade, for example I had a level 8 and a level 17 in the previous event because as soon as I was able to buy level 10, no more level 8 would spawn. Quite annoying to have that. Hope that gets fixed.

  • Hello! Please email us at goblinswood[at]progameslab.com. We will help you.

Update: ALL PROBLEM FIXED! AMAZING THANKS DEVS! Overall a very great game! Would be a 5 star if following issues can be resolved: Please help fix lower level goblin issues, cause i have a hard time finding low level goblin from the question mark (?) boxes. Instead of giving low level goblin, the box always giving the coins all the time. Maybe adding a feature to trashing the low level goblin.

  • Hello. Such situations have become more frequent. A hotfix update is planned for this week.

One of the better versions of this style of idle game. The graphics took a little bit for me to get used to after playing idle games with more minimalistic styles. Progress is tiered quite well, and the use of ads doesn’t feel as forced as some other games.

  • Hello! Thanks for the feedback and high rating! Please email goblinswood[at]progameslab.com with your ideas for improving the game. We will appreciate.

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