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Spots ConnectSpots Connect : from the makers of Birds Pop mania & Pastry Jam, Halloween Witch Connect, Garden Paradise, Candy World Fever games.

Launchship Studios presents a brand new connecting 3 spots game for lovers of simple and addictive puzzle games! Spots Connect flow provides hours and hours of the fun-filled game about connecting entertainment!

SpotsConnect is all about connecting spots of the same color! With amazing colors and simple, fun gameplay, SpotsConnect is the perfect game for any puzzle enthusiast!

It’s easy to play, yet hard to master, Connect 3 dot to dot or more of the same color spots in one move and make the longest possible line to earn points and unlock awesome power-ups. Solve the connecting beautiful puzzles using the best strategy and earn up to 3 stars for completing each level. Collect as many stars as you can and exchange them for rewards!

Extra in-game challenges:

Glass blocks: Blob Connect the match dot to dot strategically to break the blocks and move to the next level.
Wooden Blocks: Tactically remove that comes in your gameplay and earn the high score.
Black Magic Color Dot: Destroy them quickly, before they generate an additional 2 for 2 blocks.


FREE to play with in-app purchases.
Over 3500 awesome levels!
Collect gift boxes and receive power-ups and game boosters at every 15th level.
Spin the daily wheel to collect diamonds and power-ups.
14 beautiful themes – Snow, Beach, Galaxy, Halloween, Christmas theme and more.
Simple graphics with beautiful colors 2 dot 2.
Exciting game modes: Timed Play, Limited Moves, and Properties Collect.
Facebook connectivity to share your journey and challenge friends.
Integrated with Google Play Achievements and Leaderboards.
Compatible with most of the smartphones and tablets.

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Spots Connect™ is completely free to play, but there are optional in-app purchases available. Either way, it’s tons of fun!


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Spots Connect user reviews :

Really fun and addictive and most of the ads are very short unless you run out of time and have to watch the 30-second ones which really aren’t too bad

Loads of fun and addictive. The game structure is modeled after Candy Crush Saga, using connect-the-dots instead of being a Bejeweled clone. But unlike CCS, you can pass levels and have fun without spending real money, at least if you’re willing to watch ads instead. I can’t stop playing it! * * * * UPDATE: The bugs have been fixed. But from level 2000 on, it’s no longer fun. Levels need very high scores to pass & multiple power-ups are needed. It’s stressful & annoying now. I have to uninstall.

  • Hi Robyn Broyles, We value your time and feedback. In order to make the gameplay interesting, we have included challenging levels in the later stages. You can get past them using powerups and boosters. Many of our players have done this successfully and hope you complete them too. Enjoy playing and have fun.

It’s overall a very fun game! I got lost in the colourful spots and funky music for several hours yesterday :) However, I seem to be having an issue in which the ‘infinite hearts for 15 minutes’ bonus that I get from the present box when opening the app does not work. Yes, the lives bar is infinite and has a countdown of 15 minutes but during those 15 minutes, the play button wouldn’t work, seemingly ‘frozen.’ I could get the popup of a level, yes, but clicking ‘play’ would do nothing.

  • Hello Player, We value your time. We have passed on your feedback to the relevant team who are working tirelessly to make your gaming experience better and we will update soon. For further details, mail us at Contact us at info[at]

It’s not easy putting this game down, love it, but the reason for me not giving Spots Connect 5 stars is bc of issues or glich with the completed levels with highest scores, not using any of my arsnel of lighting bolts, bombs etc., getting more than that levels requirements to only give me 2-stars instead of the three stars for completion, fracken ridiculously frustrating!!! Please fix this issue & i’ll give it the 5-stars it deserves….

it’s very addictive. but some of the tasks be confusing me… maybe I’m slow
  • Launchship Studios
  • Hi Patricia Gaines, Thanks for your review. Please tell your friends about the game and enjoy the game.
nice, crisp graphics. fun to play. quick to load levels. not too many ads (so far).
  • Launchship Studios
  • Dear Player, Thank you so much for awesome rating and appreciation.

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