Star Art – Relax with this simple meditative drawing game

[Game] Star Art – Drawing & Relaxing

Star ArtArt has not only the power to inspire, but it can also be incredibly relaxing. Breathe deep, clear your mind, and unwind with this ultra-relaxing and endlessly enjoyable puzzle game guaranteed to relieve stress, soothe frayed nerves, prompt ASMR and promote mental wellness.

Find a sanctuary on your phone and make space to relax with this simple meditative drawing game that calms your brain, delights your eyes, and fires your inspiration.

Cosmic connections

It’s all interconnected – glide your fingers across the screen to join numbered stars and create a constellation of beautiful 3D drawings based on origami art. Numbers indicate the connections between each star, so the image develops slowly and organically from your movements on the screen until everything clicks satisfyingly into place.

Never fear – made a mistake? No worries, just undo your last move and try again. You’ve got all the time in the world and there’s no penalty for trying and failing. The focus of this game is on relaxation and serious artistic fun!

Infinitely relaxing – progress your way through hundreds of different puzzle drawings, each revealing a unique and carefully designed figure in a wide range of categories.

Fresh challenges – every day brings a new extended puzzle broken down into stages so that your meditative efforts are eventually rewarded with a satisfying sensation of wholeness when you connect all the numbers, and the final image is revealed .

Space to breathe – simple ergonomic game design, relaxing ambient music, rich sound effects, and satisfying but discreet haptic responses create a Zen-like environment that will induce ASMR and provide instant relaxation at even the most stressful times.

At one with the universe

Let your fingers dance across the astral plane, sketching symbols of eternal significance (and some cute animals) between the stars in this soothing, meditative drawing game where each puzzle brings you closer to a state of Zen calm.

Feel your body loosen and your mind float free as you draw your way to mental wellness. Download Start Art now to discover instant relaxation and the healing power of art.

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Star Art user reviews :

Star Art has relaxing music & atmosphere. Gameplay is very basic, just connect numbers that turn into lines. The game points to “undo” button if you connect the lines wrong. You have no idea what shape you’re supposed to be making, so you’re just blindly trying to make lines. It’d be way better if you could choose the colors of the object you make or color it yourself. I uninstalled the game. IMO it was slow and boring. Some might like it, it can be relaxing I guess if your into it

  • Hello! So the game seems boring to you? Are you sure you didn’t miss anything? We update regularly to make sure it’s always interesting to play. Maybe you just haven’t reached the coolest content yet. Try playing just a little more, and we’ll do our best not to disappoint you!

It’s a great game the only thing i find annoying are the adds gets worse and the game starts tp glitch and makes it harder to complete lvls my daughter and I love it but having to constantly close and reopen the game makes it hard to enjoy after a while and the adds before and during even 2 times during and then after the lol it gets a bit much. Once you’ve fix the bugs we will come back but. now way to much of a hassle to relax.

The ads are too overwhelming. I would love to give it another go and change my rating if they fix this. Having multiple ads per drawing and in-between drawings and to unlock required drawings to get scenes is too much.

  • Hey! We’re not huge fans of ads either, but we can’t keep our game free without them. They help us develop new features, maintain the app, and release updates. We’d love it if you changed your mind. Come back soon!

Great game, but too many ads! You can’t get through one puzzle without at least 3 ads and there’s no way to pay to remove them.

so far, I have had 2, 1 minute long ads, and I have yet to make it past the tutorial levels. (<5 minutes of total gameplay)

  • Hello, and thank you for your feedback! Ads help us make game development, maintenance, and updates free for all users. If you change your mind, we will be delighted to welcome you back!

very calming, not just the art but the calming music as well. If you play this, just be warned you may fall asleep, but if you have insomnia like I do, this might help you.

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