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Home RedecorationHow about trying a brand new Home Design&Tile Match-3 game?

Home Redecoration Design Makeover is the revolution!

We perfectly mixed the Home design game and Tile Match-3 game into one. You will have such huge excitement and satisfaction in playing Tile. There are so many levels you can challenge. But relax! They are not as difficult as you think. With cute little tile cubes, you will be soaking in great leisure time. Meanwhile, you will become a home designer, fulfilling your wonderful designer dream. Design your own rooms in various styles. They could be modern, chic, or exotic, all on your own fingers! Let’s make your rooms full of creation!

Potted plants, refrigerator, speaker, laundry machine, and lamp. These common things will become tiles. Matching the tiles, clearing the gameboard, and earning coins to unlock fabulous furniture. Mattress, couch, bed, bathtub, coffee table, etc. Put your sense and taste on your own decor plan, and make your home shine again!

M Make your own decision, start decorating your room!
A A leisure game should do what it is supposed to do. Easy to play!
K Create one room that anyone doesn’t have!
E Exercise your brain and fingers!
O Open the gate of creativity!
V Various design elements, establish your own style!
E Erase your stress and unhappiness!
R Ready to play?!

We are not like regular “room makeover” games ever or in the future. The art graphics are so fine which will amaze your eyes and mind. Moreover, there is no right or wrong, good or bad on room design. Make your own choice.
Wanna change style or a single piece of furniture? Just tap your finger to switch! Aesthetic fatigue already?

Don’t worry, just play a few Tile games, it’s so fun and stress-reducing. With some gentle music in the game, you will soon immerse yourself in the room that was created by your talent. So relaxing isn’t it?

Download Home Redecoration: Design Makeover now and make your leisure time so much fun!
Wanna create your own ever dreamed room and style? Play right now!

Home Redecoration user reviews :

It’s an okay game, aside from the horrendous amount of ads even AFTER clicking the x because it wants to give me an “ad break”. Other than how many dang ads you have to view in a minute the main concept of the game is nice, puzzles are pretty easy and a good time killer. The design choices are also pretty nice (minus the fact you have to watch ads to get gems).

A wonderful, colorful game that is full of fun decorating a room. The only error to your players is that it takes too many games to achieve purchasing a item , a single item, one piece of furnishing to start filling a room. Kinda kicks-out the fun of the game! Maybe you can reward the players more points for a game!Just a suggestion.Now, the choices of furnishings are stylish and up-to-date.A good game! E.Washington

The game was okay. Lots of ads which I get…. they have to make money. Some ads were SUPER inappropriate!! For instance, the RuPaul ad. No reason a detailed “bust” needs to used to to display wigs. Not at all an apps I would be interested in, but not at all family friendly ad. Maybe they should review the ads that are allowed to be played…. then they would know how annoying that many ads are. Also, the game downloads random apps for you without your approval. Not okay!!! Hello viruses!

It’s a relaxing game, I can’t play with these ads. There’s an ad break after every 2 levels and it’s quite irritating because some of the ads don’t close unless you click on them. When you do click on them, it redirects you to the play store.

Love the game, concept, and graphics. Unfortunately, I am uninstalling after 7 minutes. Never in my life have I seen so many ads in a game. When there are more ads than game play, that is a problem. In the 7 minutes I played, I seen at least 15 ads.

Amazing game, I love the tile style match game but it’s swimming with adds! After every level n everytime you pick a new design add! It’d be ok if I had a choice but they’re automatic n some take 3 clicks to get rid of

Awesome game except there’s an ad after every level and decorating decision. I don’t mind watching the ads for power ups and special design choices but after every single level is really annoying.

Ok let me just say this game is one of the best games I’ve ever played !! You don’t have a limited number of however many moves you may have to make. They give you an ad choice if you want to get extra light bulbs (they help remove some matches) AND when you win you get coins PLUSSS diamonds !!!!! Most games will charge for that. You have to get this game !!! It’s one of the best !!! Finally a great game . I will be spending money to help the creators because I love it !!

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