Squishy Ouch – May help you relieve anxiety and relax a bit

[Game] Squishy Ouch – Squeeze Them

Squishy OuchAre you addicted to playing with sensory fidget toys?

Your eyes light up when you spot a new simple dimple, pop it or slime games? Then Squishy Ouch is just for you!

Tons of soft cuties are waiting for you in this game: squeeze them! Squishies are a good example of games that may help you relieve anxiety and relax a bit.

How to play?
1. Choose your squishy: cute animals and yummy toys are totally at your service.
2. Interact with them: tap, squish, squeeze, crush or scrunch these lil buddies up.
3. Repeat! Have more fun and master fidget toys squishing.

Game features:
realistic gaming experience
squishies of all kinds

Immerse into the smooth gameplay! Try it yourself.

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Squishy Ouch user reviews :

This game is mediocre. However, the graphics are less ‘amazing’ then they should be. Also, the horrible ad on YouTube. Let me describe it: it depictures a peach, with the bottom part of a swim suit being slightly lighter then the actual color. This has been done on purpose. Just this ad alone and the graphics/bugs are ‘bug’ging me a lot. I do not recommend this game.

  • Hi! We’re sorry for the inconvenience this ad has caused. We didn’t mean to hurt someone’s feelings, and your feedback helps us understand what can be improved. Have a nice day!

I saw an ad for this game and thought it would be cute, so I downloaded it. As soon as I opened it, it showed the squishy on the screen I tapped it and stretched it and it wouldn’t move then seconds later it started lagging and not moving at all when I touched it.

  • Hello! Thanks for the review. We regret that the current work of Squishy Ouch doesn’t meet your expectations. A lack of memory can lead to a variety of issues. Clearing the cache and restarting the device should fix them. If none of it works, please contact us at support[at]wannatest.games.

I like adds and even tho there is alot its fun. Its really cool and cute. Alot of kids,teens, anyone. I just think its perfect because I love bunnys and anything with a face. Hope I helperfect anyone and just give the game a try and a chance. 5 stars please give them a chance it will help to tell them not so many adds but idc about them. Love the game love the creator.

  • Hi Aubree! Thanks for your support all along. We’ll keep working to continue providing a good gaming experience.

I bought this for my little girl. The ads were quite frequent and annoying so I bought no ads version. But they still appear every single time I choose an option! Fix this or refund my purchase

  • Hi! Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. We put every effort to improve the app and resolve issues as quickly as possible. Please contact us via support[at]wannaplay.games and describe the issue in detail. Thank you in advance!

This Game is Horrible as soon as you get on then it says not enough storage space on your device so i cleaned my phone i tried again it said the same thing then i went to settings and pressed storage and deleted files i went back in and it said the same thing fix it i would rate it a 0 but i can’t.

  • Hi! Please ensure that your device has enough free space and check your Internet connection. If you’re still having trouble downloading the app, please email us at support[at]wannaplay.games and provide a screenshot of the issue. We’ll be happy to assist you!

I love this game so much. But there is only one problem in this game the vibration that’s why I give a 3 that’s what it gets to be so noisy. My mum tells me not to play this game because of the vibration and I found out that on a special event squishy ouch creates new squishies and I heard halloween music when you squeeze the squishy in the catogory halloween.

  • Hello! Thanks for your feedback. Please note that you can turn off sound and vibration in the app’s settings (gear icon). Have a nice day!

Nice game for my 3-yr old but way too many ads that are 15+ seconds long. Child just gets stuck pushing ad buttons and gets nowhere. Not made for young children. Deleting it.

  • Hi Hubie! Thanks for your review. We understand your point of view and realize that there should be a way of decreasing the number of ads in the future. At the moment, ads help us keep the basic content free for everyone. Hope for your understanding!

I love all the squishes but I don’t want to Watch ads to get them all I can’t buy platinum because well I don’t have enough money so we will so it would be nice if there was no platinum and everything would you know be free and you don’t need to pay But anyways I love the game I am obsessed And also I can’t wait For The new squishes to arrive They look like Aliens Bye love your game:)

  • Hi Lee! Thanks for your feedback. We’re happy to know you find the game entertaining. A lot of amazing squishies are yet to come. Don’t miss them – stay with us!

This game is quite fun but when i saw a ad with someone hitting a peach and stretching it made me felt uncomfortable. Iknow it is not on purpose but please change the ad otherwise the app is very good higly recommended!

  • Hi Joyce! We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this advertisement. We didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings, and your feedback helps us understand what can be improved. Have a wonderful day!

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