Stickman Run – Save the dying light

[Game] Stickman Run – Shadow Adventure

Stickman Run  Once upon a time, in where colors was disappear and the light is dying. The stickmans are just alive as shadows in a Dark villages. There is a strange girl who live in a cottage, her name is Beauty. They said that she still breathes so the light still shines, but she always sickness.

One day, Beauty was taken by head of these mythical creatures from Darkwoods. They called him the Big. No one know where is the Big’s Castle so these stickman are gathering into a league. They are tracking the Big’s marks, using their special skills to fight decimate enemies. They want save Beauty, save the dying light and bring colors back.

You are one of stickman heroes who free runner. You found something creepy, something special and you are running to follow that….


Arcade game play like free run game mixed in hack n slash with tap action only and other fight games.
Skills of stickman are very plentiful. You will fight with ninjas, zombies in this fighting game …
Unique contract graphic style, just black and white like shadow fight.
Run through 4 lands, deal with creepy creatures and hollow bosses.
Easy to play, challenging to master.
League of stickman is being update with more heroes.

Tap on room of screen to JUMP, double tap to DOUBLE JUMP.
Tap on biggest right bottom button to ATTACK.
Special when you attack rightly on the air you will fall as a feather.
Use SKILL right time, your stickman will become deadly runner.

Stickman Run user reviews :

While it’s a decent run and casual game which I see a thousand of games like this, this is not really that bad but quite sucks. There are so many features, but you have to purchase everything if you want more of it. It’s very monotonous if you want to get as many coins as possible but the gameplay is pretty good. Bottom line, not quite great if there isn’t something where you have to watch ads and ads again.

Its just a good game but there’s something wrong with the controller. Double jump doesnt seems like a double jump, when I tap basic attack button, also the enemies attack range are longer than the players attack range.

Needs more running options, different stages, more upgrades, more weapons, people need choice buddy. As well as more ways to make gold, ridiculous unless you spend actual money, thought it was casual

The graphics were really good. Just give some more characters and it would be awesome.

This games basicly is fun to play but the only problem here is what the game offer to player. I’m not lying, this games is fun but is hard to upgrade and buy new character with in game money. The only option i see here is using PAY TO WIN SYSTEM and basicly i hate it. But i still enjoy this game but after a month i geting boring with this games since i always using the same character. My friend also play this games for a week and he said “i was thought EA is the worst but then i found this”

Nice game but the price for avatar upgrade is sky high and the coins collected during the run are not sufficient. Please add a way to get more coins or decrease the prices. This will help.

This game is little bit boring to play without any colors , weapons and skills. If some want to play a mini game this game is perfect.

Slenderman cannot be killed unless you find all 8 pages. AND slenderman is to hard to kill. The game is still amazing

Super easy, great time killer, a game that should be loved and appreciated more.

Nice Game and good graphics and challenging and fun. It’s good stickman excellent……..

You need to add some more characters but the games good and get rid of the ads please

this game is good But there is something i dont like, when i defeat the first boss and go to the second one and dont defeat it why do i start over at the first boss

it’s fun to play but really tuff and challenging story #and that makes it awesome

I really like it it changes the challeneges and jt like the powers you can wield

This game is so great makes me feel as if iam the stickman ,so great I enjoyed it alot.

Very cool look to this game and fun rpg elements and action!

An ethic game i just loved it… When feel bored i use to play this game.. Mind refresher loved it

Yeah it’s very awesome,When I defeat *SLENDER MAN* ,I was so happy, download this your gonna enjoy It!!!!!!

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