Stretch Legs – Climb the highest tower in the universe

[Game] Stretch Legs – Jump King

Stretch LegsImagine you have the strongest legs, perfect split and desire to climb the highest tower in the universe.

How high can you go to live out your dream? Play Stretch Legs and show everyone who’s the Jumping King!

Forget about life-saving equipment! Do the splits, stretch & jump to the top of the building! Just tap on your screen to jump and tap again to do the splits between the buildings. Be careful and don’t fall down!

The higher you jump, the more gems you can collect to unlock astounding superhero costumes! Get all dressed up and get ready for your jumping journey to the skies!

Why you’ll love the crazy jumping game:

Addictive jumping gameplay
Relaxing game experience
Cool 3D graphics
Smooth animation
Simple controls

Feel like a superhero flying higher and higher! Download Stretch Legs and enjoy one of the funniest jumping games ever!



Stretch Legs user reviews :

It is a good game but I think this game is heading to an online mode option only. And that is bad because Google Play will be tracking us every time we play this game and other apps. It is not the developer fault, but Google fault. Google is forcing updates on your smartphone without your permission. Google Play has already done it with 30 of my apps despite I set the option not to update on Google Play!!!!!!

  • Thank you for your feedback! Our development team will definitely consider your opinion and make the game even better. Stay tuned for the updates!

Ad after ad, even when you pay for no ads! Like the game concept, thought I would support the developer by buying and then I don’t need to watch an ad after every level Sadly, even when you pay to turn off the ads they still come up after every single turn Not a game I can recommend sadly

Play 12 seconds, watch a 30-40 second ad. Play 15 seconds, watch another 30-40 second ad. I really don’t know who finds this style of gameplay fun. Ads on the bottom of the game, multiple ads every turn. It’s too bad because this could be a good time waster, but the barrage of ads starts the second you open the game after you install it.

  • Hello! Thank you for your feedback. We’ll take it into account. Sponsored ads help us make the game free to play. Also, advertising helps you to reach a higher level and get different useful things in the game.

Fun little game where you climb up walls while being wedged between two opposing walls using only your legs & trying to avoid obstacles. Collect gems to unlock new characters and capes. Try to make it up to 50 points(highest point mark) and you can watch a :30 sec. Ad to add 5x your gem total. I unlocked all 24 characters & all 12 capes. I made it to level 88 before calling it quits. Time to move on to another game. 4/5!!

  • Hi! We’re happy you like the game. Your opinion is important, as it helps us to improve the app. Thank you for the feedback!

This game is very addictive and fun to play. Not a single ad and I’ve played over 200+ levels! Only complaint is that there isn’t more skins for characters, and when you’re gliding across the rails sometimes you fall through and you have to exit out of the game to continue to play. Other than that, through enjoyed it!

Time waster of a game . You can play forever and never accomplish anything IRL. and a waste of time playing to buy upgrades to move forward in the game… You could do even more damage to your real life and actually pay for upgrades… But that’ll mean you will have to either actually work or bader someone for money either way it is work and detracts from the purpose of playing this game which is to waste time and do nothing!

The game is actually fun. Each round only takes a few seconds and it forces you to watch an add after every round in addition the add banner at the bottom. So I don’t recommend because you watch more adds then you get to play

  • Hey there! Thank you for your review concerning the game. We’ll take it into account. We understand how ads can be annoying sometimes and we do our best to minimize it and adjust it to the comfort of our players. So thank you for giving a credit to our game. We appreciate it. Stay tuned!

Game play like the ad, but I’ve unlocked all the costumes and there is no Iron Man (that was in the ad!) or Wubby (on the app icon), yet there’s LeBron freakinJames…. So 4* simply because false ad videos are annoying. However it is a fun relaxing game to kill time.

  • Hey there! Thank you for your feedback! Our team is glad that you’re enjoying the game. Have a nice day!

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