Sudoku Fun – Suitable for sudoku beginner to sudoku expert

[Game] Sudoku Fun

Sudoku Fun

Sudoku is the most popular logic-based numbers game.

The aim of the game is to place 1 to 9 into each grid cell so that each number can only appear once in each row, each column and each mini-grid.

This is a simply easy-to-use sudoku game, with fresh and cool interface, very acceptable difficult levels, suitable for sudoku beginner to sudoku expert.

5 levels: beginner, easy, medium, difficult and expert
Pencil marks
Hints to help you complete hard ones
More puzzles will be comming soom!

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Sudoku Fun user reviews :

Best SUDOKU App in playstore. App is very nicely designed. Possible improvements can be: 1) Accidental touch on a wrong number adds to the error. Which can be avoided, if it will wait until next move. Don’t commit the entry, keep the entry selected until another shell is selected. 2) Taking so much time to show the duration is unnecessary. 3) Each of digits will have a distinct color, which will help the user in mapping the entries.

The game is fine except for several issues. 1You have it loading so many ads that it seriously effects the games function. It repeatedly pauses and stutters. But in airplane mode it does not stutter or hesitate. 2: There should put in some way of turning off the animation. When you are playing a timed game is it wrong including time for animations along with loading ads. 3: If a player pauses a game in a given state it should resume in the same state it was paused in. These fixes would get 5 stars

Update: Game locks up at the “resume” “restart” page. Can’t play on any level or even start a new game. Have uninstalled and reinstalled a few times. Nothing has helped. I’m very sad. I love this game. Functionality is good except the delay every time you properly fill a cell. You have to wait on the flashy accolades to finish before you can finish another cell.

I have edited my review on this game to report how disappointing the intrusive Advertising is, meaning now you no longer can watch your score after a game, so as a player I quickly lose interest. You need to remove the last game completely before reloading a new game, time consuming and a backward step as I remember this was how it was when Computer games started in late 1970’s. Otherwise, its very good with the BEST in Sudoku design layout, it was my favourite game.

Love the game. My only complaint is ads. More and more frequently, ads want to interact with player and encourage the player to perform sample game moves and play music or such … I have the in game sound turned off for a reason, people. I get that you need to show me ads, but my preferences should extend to ads. It’s enough to make me consider alternative apps.

I really enjoy playing this version of Sudoku. The tools and graphics are great. I took away 1 star because I didn’t see an explaination of how you win ( or don’t win) each of the three stars at the end of the game. Also, you see your score at the end of the game but when you move to the “awards page”, there is a digital clock that counts up to your score by seconds. Although fast, it is still an unneeded delay that quickly becomes irksome.

many puzzles in each of 5 levels. great pencil tool allows drafting in options before narrowing down the decision. not all other apps have this option that highlights all of a particular number for aide in thinking through the decision process. lower levels of play made transition to expert seamless & reassuring. most puzzles are in the correct level. easiest level is good for teaching the very young or those new to the game. expert is very doable. pause allows answering the phone, etc then cont

This is one of the best available Sudoku apps. There are a couple of suggestions: 1. Remove or reduce painting. It significantly reduces the speed of play. 2. Add a repeat function to the numbers so it isn’t necessary to touch a number to enter the number a second or multiple times. 3. Add puzzles in which 9 is not in the upper, right corner.

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