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[Game] Idle Quest

Idle QuestSet in ancient times, the human world is shrouded in the shadow of demons.

Players embark on a solitary journey, traversing from the silent wilderness to the eternal frostlands, through dark forests, past ruined relics, to liberate imprisoned souls in terrifying dungeons, and finally reaching the location to seal the demons. United, players will defeat the demonic forces.

Game Features:

1. Deep Idle Experience: The game offers a true idle experience where players can continue to gain resources and experience even while offline. This mode is particularly suited for busy players, allowing them to enjoy the game amidst their hectic lives.

2. Rich Character Development System: The game features a detailed character growth path, including diverse skill trees, equipment upgrades, and character evolution options. Players can customize their characters according to their gaming style and strategy, exploring various combinations of abilities and combat tactics.

3. Dark Artistic Design: The game employs a classic dark art style, providing an immersive visual experience. The gloomy setting, Gothic character designs, and intricate environmental details all contribute to a mysterious and captivating game atmosphere.

4. Dynamic Combat System: Despite being an idle game, the combat system is far from monotonous. With a variety of enemies and bosses, each with unique battle modes and skills, players are required to continuously adjust their strategies to meet different challenges.

5. Diverse Chest Drop System: The game includes a comprehensive chest drop mechanism, where players can acquire chests of varying quality by defeating monsters, completing dungeons, and participating in player versus player (PvP) battles. These chests may contain rare equipment, enhancement materials, or other valuable game resources, greatly enhancing the game’s exploration and collection fun.

6. Rich Multiplayer Competitive Interaction Features: The game offers various multiplayer interaction modes, including team cooperation, guild battles, and arena challenges. These features not only enhance social interaction among players but also deepen the complexity and engagement of competitions. Players can experience intense, strategic battles with opponents or allies from around the world.

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Idle Quest user reviews :

I’ve been looking for a good relaxing idle game and this scratched that itch. you got character roles, good looking Diablo character style art and gameplay. no loot, a very generous staring point, huge roster of warriors ranging from, tanks, off tanks, dps and support with all kinds great party synergy with ways to mix and match to have a necromancer work well with a mage for example. been having fun with it and be prepared to be flooded with new characters and level up each one as you play.

I like the mechanics and it being f2p friendky, but this game crashes. A Lot. I’m playing on an Honor X9 B and the game would suddenly stop running after every 10 mins or so of playing. EDIT: Reinstalled it and for some reason , that fixed the game. FYI just in case there are others who have the same problem.

It is really disturbing how many packs for cash you put into this game. Half of the screen is covered by limited packs with timers. Vip packs. Monthly packs. Weekly packs. Daily packs. LIKE 10 Different types of “Season Pass”. First Purchase Pack. Second purchase pack. ViP Packs. And that is just 1 percent of all the packs you shoved into this wanna be game program.

Game is good, I like concept of game, but it lags heavily and loses connection so often. I have android 13, so it must not happen for such little game, as playing more big games without any problem, hope it will be improved and I will try it later

Game starts out great as you’re given heaps of summons & gems but starts to fall off the more you play. There’s a set meta leaving all other characters useless. Gameplay gets boring pretty quickly, log in do dailys,guild world boss leave game running for half hour an turn off. Another player can become your lord taking 10% of your patrol earnings, you gain nothing from having a lord an cannot remove him without getting more powerful and beating him. Alright little time waster but not great.

Love the game, really fun but it’s laggy and after sometime pass the app will crashed, hopefully for future updates the game will be further optimized for longer play time

Game is good but can be better , game crashes often , and why isn’t there any chat translation in game? , Everyone in my guild is asian…..I can’t communicate with them at all.

not bad, nice graphics and with an option to make ur combat even faster is nice, its still early to tell though ill update my review after a while

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