Super Auto Pets – Can you get 10 wins before losing all your hearts

[Game] Super Auto Pets

Super Auto PetsBuild a team of cute pets with unique abilities.

Battle against other players.
Everything is at your own pace in this chill free-to-play auto battler.

Arena mode
Chill asynchronous multiplayer without timers.
Can you get 10 wins before losing all your hearts?

Versus mode
Intense synchronous game with 8 players and quick decision making.
Can you be the last team standing before another team knocks you out?

Standard packs
For players who want to start playing quickly. Packs contain the pets that are available during gameplay. Standard packs are pre-built for everyone and offer a fair competition.

Custom packs
For fans of deck building. All pets can be mixed and matched to create satisfying combos. More expansions offer even more possibilities.

Weekly packs
For fans of variety. Weekly packs are generated every Monday and contain a completely random set of pets for everyone to play.

Super Auto Pets user reviews :

An addicting game in the auto-battler genre, that plays just as good on mobile as it does on PC. Simple and understandable, without compromising on the depth that makes auto-baytlers enjoyable. Monetisation is also very fair – no nonsense, no ads, no pay-to-win. You can buy cosmetics or expansions pack, if you like.

Very dynamic and hard to put down, this game is a perfect timekiller for people who enjoy developmental autobattlers. Featuring a weekly rotational roster of pets, the meta in Super Auto Pets is ever changing and varied, some weeks rely on unique synergies that may not have been present in the previous weekly roster, allowing players to form new and strong combinations that typically get more cohesive as the week goes on. The only downside is the lack of any offline mode, overall a great game

Honestly I’d give it a 4.9 if I could just because on older phones it has a tendency to slow down and crash after a long period of playing. Other than that it’s a 10 across the board. I love playing the Arena Mode as well as playing with friends. It’s super cool cause you can customize your own decks. However, I think my favorite thing about this game is the developers. They understand that not everyone has money for their game, but they still make it fun and winnable if you don’t buy the DLC.

Great if you essentially like to gamble. It’s always random rolls and the game is hardly ever generous, but still very fun and addictive. Requires luck, planning tactics, and a small amount of masochistic tendancies. No stupid adds, and there’s only a few bonus packs that are rather cheap compared to all the other games with loads of micro transactions.

It may be the best game I’ve played recently. The game is a bit challenging, but that’s great if you like that sort of things. I think some pets are OP, but I hope it would get more balanced in future updates. it is also multiplatform and synced between devices, so I can play on my mobile while commuting and on the tablet at home, and even on steam. Be warned, it can be too addictive.

So I’ve seen videos but it’s harder than it looks. I have bad luck which is something you will want when playing cause you will want specific thing to go together to make a very good attack like whale and deer with mushroom. I’m also thinking about getting the expansion pack cause it looks like it would be even more fun when you have more options to pick from. but it would be more fun if we had even more pets.

Great game. No ads. Still very enjoyable and winnable if you don’t buy DLC. Great way to pass time. Love arena mode. Tip: if you are getting started with the game, once you unlock tier 4 use the hippo it’s pretty good. Then, keep feeding it. That’s a pretty good strategy. You can also have a kangaroo behind it.

This game is very addicting and time passing, I couldn’t stop playing! I’ve played over 50+ games for like 6 hours nonstop. The only issue I’ve experienced is frequent crashing. Other than that this game is really fun! Highly recommend!

Pretty good game. Easy to pick up and play. However the only way to unlock more pets appears to be through purchases, although at least extra pets seem to rotate and there are no ads, so the tradeoff might be worth it. Biggest reason it doesn’t get a higher score is because there is no option to simply close the game. You effectively need to click on a button to open a page in a browser, and only then can you properly shut down the game. There is no excuse for this oversight.

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