Super Machino go – Find peace for the village

[Game] Super Machino go – World adventure

Super Machino go  Super Machino go (Super Machino run), jungle & world adventure game

Machino bros (Machino run) is mentioned as an exciting classic jungle adventure game but also many difficulties and challenges. In this super game, you will jump and adventure with Machino to mysterious new lands.

Take the background is a peaceful village then the turtle monster from where to vandalize. You will have to control Machino with jump in time to avoid dangers and destroy monster to protect the village.

In this jungle game, Machino will jump in beautifully funny maps but also dangerous, confronting with monster as: mobile poisonous mushrooms, winged turtle, cannons turtle, spine turtle or cannibal flowers and many other enemies with jungle terrain full of obstacles. You need to show your skillful use of the jump buttons to help Machino adventure, repelling the evil turtle monster and complete the mission to find peace for the village.


Super game with beautiful interface, smooth and lively.
Music and sound effects.
The adventure game is suitable for all ages.
The jungle game includes 20 zones and 100 levels with a time limit at each level for players to feel thrilling and challenging.
Do not forget to charge energy and eat special items to increase strength against evil turtle monster.
Adventure game with various jungle game maps: snow, night, grass hill, fire, desert, jungle, haunted house, heaven.
Evil turtle enemies and monster are waiting for you to punish.
Kill monster by shoot or jump on the head.
Easy to play with 4 buttons: jump, eddy jump, shoot and run fast
List of player benefits: gold, crystal and rewards system corresponding to daily tasks.

Amid the advent and development of many super game genres today, the Machino bros (Machino run) is still a classic adventure jungle game for players many wonderful experiences and memorable. Because what gives players not only relax and relieve fatigue, but also the great feelings of childhood with the adventure game of destroying monster to rescue the legendary princess.

Download this super game right now on your phone to be able to embody into the brave Machino with jungle game adventure journey and destroy evil turtle monster to regain peace for the beloved village.

Share with your friends and relatives to play adventure game and jump together with Machino (Machino run). We are looking forward to receiving your comments to be able to improve and develop this super game better in the next version.

Super Machino go user reviews :

The game is very much like Mario Bros., Which is a very good thing & the intended effect. Good control mechanics, good 8-bit graphics……best of all…….barely any ADS, in fact I came across maybe 1 ad and played like 4 stages already. Very impressed by the lack of ads. I wish there was a little more imagination as far as level design, but it’s a learning curve that hopefully the developers will overcome. They did a fabulous job so far in light of such limited advertising.

I really like this game. Hardly any ads, which is great! It’s kinda like the real Mario. I wish I had the controller like Nintendo. Nor sure how to pick up those turtles or jump up high. But it’s a fun game. Thanks everyone!

I completed all the levels. The game play is superb. Graphics are fantastic, background music mesmerising but zone 8-4 was almost impossible to jump over fish to cross ditch.Also contol keys seems sticky so I give 4 stars.

The only issue with this game is they have a stage that was impossible to go through. Level 7 stage 4, I’ve watched You tube videos on how they went through it but it was still impoossible to be done. I ended up unistalling it because it made me frustrated rather than relaxed. 2 start because I still enjoyed it until I didn’t anymore. Thank u

I love this game so much he is almost just like Mario. The controls excellent the style and graphics are cool too. Keep it up. Plus there are bosses similar to bowser. Awesome work. I recommend 5his to all who love mario bros.

Best game belonging to Mario genre. Controls are great. Game has easy and tough levels. Very good graphics… Hope to see new levels soon… I Loved it till it’s end and want to play more levels. I suggest that concept of hidden worlds and secret paths should be introduced.

Good game but controls for up, down, left and right should be larger and or customisable as I trequently miss the intended button and lose.. Would have rated it 5 stars if it weren’t for the control issue

Very fun and has good controls as well as reaction timing. Very fun play with that addictive super Mario original playstyle. Good game

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