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Super Simple Shopping List  Are you out of milk? Need to make a trip to the store?

Super Simple Shopping List is the most simple shopping list app available!

To add an item to your shopping list, press the + button. Type the item and select a color. That’s it – shop simply with this free shopping list app.

Edit, add, and delete multiple items on your list, as well as label them with colors to keep your shopping list super organized.

Your weekly grocery trips just got easier with this free shopping list organizer. In this shopping list app, a variety of Colors are used to represent Categories, which are all customizable to your needs. Whether it’s names of grocery stores, celebrations (birthdays, anniversaries, holidays), or shop sections (dairy, vegetables, drinks), you’ll be able to create a checklist that’s suited for you.

While shopping with Super Simple Shopping List, you can also cross off items as you pick them up. Just tap the item to check it off. You can also share your grocery list with your friends and sync between your devices.

Easy, fast, & free shopping list organizer with real-time sharing:
No more hassle.
No more disorganization.
Shopping simple

Note: When you install the app, it will be named “Shopping List”.

Download Super Simple Shopping List Free Today! We hope you enjoy using our simple grocery list app to simplify your grocery shopping process! For support, please email us at contact[at]

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Super Simple Shopping List user reviews :

I use now this app instead of pen and paper for several months. I used to make long and detailed lists. Now this app is very useful. I hope that the developer can make a connection to a budget app or build a facility for this in this app. I also use this app now as a to-do list. Although not intended for this function this also works fine. Addendum: this app has now been used by me for years instead of months as declared above. My enthusiasm for this app is still considerable. A great app.

Used to love this app ut something changed and the adverts are a nightmare. After you’ve added a couple of items to the list an advert comes up and you can’t just close it it last forever. Have had enough now and app is being deleted.

Awesome features. Makes very good use of screen space. Also makes a great to do list. UPDATE: This is now my go to app for tracking things. I have tried about 30 other apps, mind maps, lists, sticky notes and some of the big name note apps. NOTHING compares to this app for keeping 16 different lists in order, with lots of items on the screen. I wish I even had about four more color groups on this app.

This was a great app. I listed everything and was able to specify where to shop. BUT, all of a sudden, everything but the additions in the last day was gone! I am lost to try to recreate the lists and cannot find a way to restore the items! I depended upon the app to list it and forget it untill I was shopping, now…

I purchased the full version because the app deserves it. Easy to use and very helpful, including a home screen widget. Easy to share a list via text. I’ve even been using it as a to do list manager. My only complaint is that it keeps the screen on as long as it’s open, and the no setting to disable that as far as I can tell

So convenient to have this app on my phone. I make my shopping list, list under different colors and delete the list when I’m through shopping. Now, I never forget what to get when I’m at the store.

Absolutely wonderful!! So easy to use with different colored tabs and the ability to name each one. Helps keep things simply but organized!

This is the most BEST and AMAZING Super Simple Shopping List app!!! All of my favorite stores are color labeled perfectly!!!! I love this app and I am so very glad and happy that I downloaded this cool app!!!

You can choose your own titles, which are colour coded. Has a great strike through/grey out tab style so that you can quickly see what you have and haven’t bought whilst in the shop and quickly re-alight your regular purchases without having to rewrite them. Just stop asking me every 3 minutes if I like it!! I’ve reviewed yet you keep asking if I like it like a clingy stalker! Yessss but I’m going off it fast every single time you ask me and yes, I’ve ticked the ‘do not ask again’ box!

Started using this app for my shopping list and it is so much easier then keeping track of a pen and paper list.

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