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Looking for a fun and relaxing casual puzzle game that’s guaranteed to please your inner child whatever age you are? Super Toy 3D is a model construction simulator that brings the excitement of unwrapping and assembling novelty toys to life on your mobile device, with cute and funny surprises, hugely satisfying game mechanics and egg-ceptional antistress properties. Peel off the wrapping, crack the chocolate egg, and find out what’s inside the yolk in this awesome and original relaxing game that recreates one of everybody’s favorite childhood treats.


Get cracking: Super Toy 3D is a simulator that recreates every stage of the toy surprise experience. First you unwrap the foil, then you need to break open the chocolate egg. Inside, you’ll find a yolk container. Pop it open to discover what your surprise is this time, then assemble the toy, decorate it with stickers, and mount it on the shelf with the rest of your collection.

In-eggs-haustible variety: The mechanics of the game may be simple, but Super Toy 3D never gets boring, with over 20 different themed toy collections comprising a total of over 100 unique toys for construction, each with six stickers to decorate it.

Highly coll-egg-tible: The themed collections of toy surprises include monsters, superheroes, spirits, and much more, all packed with cute pop culture references and funny toy designs that you’ll love assembling and decorating with stickers.

Funny yokes: Furthermore, each collection has its own unique themed packaging, chocolate egg form, yolk container, and unwrapping method – hack away at the foil with an axe or peel it smoothly with a samurai sword, then melt the chocolate with a thunderstorm or chip away at it with darting frogs’ tongues. You’ll soon discover, the surprise isn’t just inside.

Sunny side up: With bright, welcoming graphics, adorable designs, and simple but satisfying mechanics, Super Toy 3D is a great antistress experience that can really help with relaxing, combining the fun of surprises with the satisfaction of assembling models and building a collection.


Craving a delicious distraction or a new hit of stress-relieving dopamine? If your brains are scrambled and your concentration is fried, Super Toy 3D is here to bring you simple, relaxing puzzle fun that will soothe your mind and delight your senses. Download the game now and escape into a world of simple but hugely satisfying pleasures.

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Super Toy 3D user reviews :

I love this game! It’s so fun. I like that you can add stickers to customize each toy as well as build it. I also like that each egg has a different way to open it. Suggestions: add sound or haptic feedback to make it more immersive, and being able to switch where you placed the toy.

I really liked the game, but there are entirely too many ads. I understand that developers need ads to make money, but it starts to feel like every button you push; there goes an ad.

I will recommend this game because it is the best find me characters you put together an evening if you could advise or something like that it’s perfect

After getting so far I now have no more eggs to open and a whole bunch of shells to fill and there is no option to go back to look at your shelves or even do anything to try to fill up the gauge to unlock another egg. I’m at a loss, just avoid this game in general, it’s full of ads

This game is so satisfying and so crazy I love choco bar game and so proud of game it 2201 lakh people like this game and my sister is so many child so cute game Resort I am a 3rd standard girl my name is Vaibhav Patil and his game it’s so good 2 many good game

Very bad with the hero egg. After I got the mages egg. Whenever I fully pen the chocolate of the hero still tells me that there more left and the game just softlocks,please fix this.otherwise 3 stars

Enjoying playing this game but now it loads super slow and won’t let me move the eggs to the spot where I break it and it won’t zoom out

I love this game ! Its so relaxing and satisfying. I also like how we can make the toy and put the stickers on.

This game just keeps getting better with every update! Honestly I enjoy it just as much as my niece.

always loved kinder eggs as a kid. and this makes me feel really nostalgic

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