P House – Full of colors and adapted for children

[Game] P House – Talking

P HouseP House – Talking is a game belonging to the P House app.

P House aims to provide parents with a safe digital gaming environment in which their children can get started using digital devices. In order to play P -Talking you must be subscribed to the P House app.

P House offers a specific environment, full of colors and adapted for children, where they will find a myriad of activities and videos in which to enjoy their favorite animated character.

P House:

Contains no hidden payments or external links.
It features “child mode”, a feature that allows you to lock your phone or tablet so that your children can play safely.
P House also allows adults to select the activities inside the house, consisting of two floors full of fun, so that kids can play with their favorite hero, Pocoyó, and all his friends.
Ad-free for subscribers.

If you download the P House app you can also enjoy many other ones, such as:
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P – Numbers
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for hours of fun and entertainment.

The funnest imitation game is here!

P House: Talking is an entertaining talking game for kids to have fun playing with their little friend anywhere.

Observe his reactions, tickle him, talk to him and you’ll see how he repeats what you say. Play musical instruments, or play with him at guessing animals.

Fun is guaranteed with Talking Pocoyó! It offers you:
An interactive game
Colorful and fun visual design.
A wide variety of musical instruments to interact with
A fun riddle game
Hundreds of hours of speed, laughter and fun!

P House user reviews :

I’m not sure what the problem here can be used for sure not lie about the game was fun and cute little pocoyo is well

I don’t like any of your games because It has to have pocoyo house to work and pocoyo house is not available in my country Can you at least make one game that doesn’t need pocoyo house.

This was a cool game even my sister liked it. download it for kids

Pocoyo is the best cartoon ever since I have the numbers

I want this game cuz this is my childhood memori i love u pocoyo

I like it so cool i now play with it it so fun to play

My brother love this game make like this great games

p house hello! there! do you want the game???? so P House talking pocoyo 2 rate this app

This is awsome! I like it! This is awesome I like it

At the dancing floor from the prize, there is a elly and a pato dancing its so cool

Pocoyo is fun you can also watch it on YouTube Zinkia

Its just a game guys Why r u Rating 1 Its just a game for kids bruh

The game is so cute and so so so so so much for the game and I will get back to you. pocoyo you so Cool Cool

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