Draw To Smash – Raise your intellectual abilities

[Game] Draw To Smash – Logic puzzle

Draw To SmashPassionate about brain teasers? Want to challenge your logical skills?

Then take a look at Draw To Smash — a logic puzzle game in which you should draw a line, scribbles, figures or doodles to smash all the bad eggs.

Draw To Smash is an amusing logic game that will test your IQ and raise your intellectual abilities to a new level. Plan every step, estimate a possible outcome and build tactical strategies. Solve logical puzzles, pass interesting levels and open bonus levels.

Сollect golden keys — use them to open the treasure chest. Gold coins and skill stars will be inside. These stars will help you to increase your rating in the game. The more you play, the more stars you have and the higher your rating is. Train your brain and pass the way from a beginner to a guru in the world of teasers and physics games.

Joyful music and fun voices will cheer everyone up, and emotional faces won’t leave anyone indifferent. You will never get bored with this game: it is constantly updated with interesting levels, characters and accessories for them.

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life — have fun and enjoy.

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Draw To Smash user reviews :

Good game, far tooooooo many ads. And the ads go on forever. Can’t find a way to purchase, hopefully, without ads. My 5-year old loves trying to solve the puzzle.

  • Hi Robert! We are sorry to hear that. We’d like to mention that ads help us to keep the game free for everyone and to continuously work on updates. However, we appreciate your feedback and we’ll work on balancing the frequency of ads in the future. Thank you for your patience!

I like playing this game. However I had to put the airplane mode on for the ads and I don’t get any, But the levels repeated once I got to level 190 so I’m hoping the next update comes soon so I can keep enjoying this game

  • Thank you for your feedback! We’re glad to hear that you enjoy playing the game. We apologize for the repeated levels you encountered. Rest assured, we’re working on adding new levels and improvements in the next update to enhance your gaming experience. Stay tuned for more exciting challenges!

While there are definitely A LOT of ads, there are ways to get around them a bit and the actual game is pretty fun. But I’ve noticed that it just keeps starting over the higher you go. I’m on level 404 and it just started the beginning levels again. Lame.

  • Hi there! We appreciate your feedback. Apologies for any inconvenience caused by ads. We’re committed to reducing their frequency. Your input on levels is noted, and we’ll introduce more challenging levels in future updates. We hope to earn a better rating from you in the future. Thank you for your understanding!

So the game is wonderful but ofcource as always ads I just do not like ads!

  • Hi! We are sorry to hear that. We’d like to mention that ads help us to keep the game free for everyone and to continuously work on updates. However, we appreciate your feedback and we’ll work on balancing the frequency of ads in the future. Thank you for your patience!

Good game, too many ads. More ad time than game time .

  • We’re sorry to hear that you’re not satisfied with the game. We understand that frequent ads can be frustrating. We aim to strike a balance between offering a free game and supporting its development through ads. We appreciate your feedback and we’ll consider it as we work on improving the ad experience in future updates.

Fun at first but then the other levels after are just repetitive

  • Thank you for your feedback. It’s a pity to hear you got that impression. We intend to provide diverse experiences, and we regret if the content did not meet your expectations. We take users’ feedback seriously and are continuously working to improve. Your concerns will be considered in the future.

The game is very fun but the problem is the ads they take forever to be able to exit out and it auto downloads games I never intended to download without any prompts. That’s garbage

  • Sarah, we apologize for the inconvenience caused by the advertisements. Your feedback is valuable to us, and we will work towards reducing the frequency of ads to improve your gaming experience. Thank you for your understanding!

Fairly simple, but enjoyable. My favorite part is that even when successful, the player is allowed to try different solutions.

  • Draw to smash is a tricky but nice game so it is very nice that you play this game but the thing that I like the most is very least number of ads are there in this game.

very entertaining and also good for some laughs! Very clever if I should say so myself and different from a lot of the games so enjoying it! And so should you!

it’s the first day playing it and whenever I draw it draws something else. it’s still a good game so I am giving it 4 stars and I am not going to uninstall it still.

It is super easy for uvers but the nouse Please find a different nouse OK please

To have evil Yellow eggs laughing at your every move. So, you grab the hints that show you an easier move to kill the evil yellow eggs. My issue is with not killing the good White eggs. You can draw circles or squiggly lines, draw W”s to kill the laughing evil eggs. A unique game to play I made it to level 53. Still trying at this point. It’s keeper so far. Enjoy it ,folks.

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