Tales of Yokai – Dive into the fantasy world of Yokai

[Game] Tales of Yokai

Tales of YokaiClassic 3D Yokai JRPG! Log in to claim free 600 Draws! !
Dive into the fantasy world of Yokai!

This is an era of symbiosis between humans and Yokai……
Yokai, which originally belonged to the underworld, hides among humans and waits for an opportunity to put the order of the human world in jeopardy.
As an onmyōji, who can cross two worlds and even control spirit bodies, you will fight to maintain the balance between the two worlds.

Embark on your legendary Yokai adventure now!


Meet massive mystic Yokai
Summon hundreds of legendary Yokai! From the fearsome Yamata no Orochi to the enchanting fox Tamamo, they’re ready to fight for you anytime!

Evolve with idle gameplay
Multiple copies of automatic battles, easily obtain upgrade resources through idle gameplay! Free your hands and enjoy the true strategic experience!

Assemble your strategic squad
No absolute power, just tactical triumphs! Command Yokai, adjust lineups and positions for easy cross-combat PK victories!

Enjoy stunning Yokai battle
Fully upgraded 3D combat special effects, every click of yours results in a spectacular move! Maximum visual impact!

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Tales of Yokai user reviews :

Navigating through all the menus and the clustered UI is a process. The UI could use some overhaul/cleanup. Right out of the tutorial where you couldn’t do anything yourself, they do ask you to rate them for rewards. The tutorial is not long enough, nor does it give you enough freedom to get a feel for and to see if you like the game. The game is okay, but will have to see.

  • Thanks for your comment. You can also add our facebook/Discord to discuss with other players and provide your suggestions to us. Lets look forward the game keeps getting better.

Good enough for an afk idle game. The graphics are more polished than a lot of other games I’ve tried. There are way too many “buy this thing!” screens when you first log in each day. Also the prayer summon is garbage. Even if you select a certain character to summon for, the chances do not take that into account. In 75 summons, I’ve summoned 2 of the other characters on the selection list, but not the one I specifically selected. Game is good for honeymoon, then falls way off.

  • Thank you for your love and support, we will continue to work hard to provide you with a better gaming experience!

The gameplay is fun and the characters and designs are amazing. My critique for the game is the UI is way too complicated and cluttered and most the time there isn’t any description what menu I’m even clicking on, and my main problem is with the gacha summoning, the rarities SSR, SP and UR, there is no change in animation or colour for each differing rarity to the point I summoned an UR and I didn’t even notice at first it was even an ultra rare character.

It’s a relatively ok game, kind of repetitive and not totally interesting art. The main issue I have is how the resolution in game is slightly off and half of the texts/descriptions are completely cut out. I am using a Galaxy S20 and have some issues with clicking certain things (like the chat menu doesn’t respond). Aside from it all the game just needs more interesting stuff to do and a better engagement to keep the game interesting because it is really boring.

I will say this might be the first time I’ve ever played a japanese-style turn-based card game but I’m already hook to this game & loving it. Very smooth gameplay and user-friendly, also has a great HD graphics which is stunning & let me play more and more. Although the gameplay & it’s interfaces are quite similar to other games I’d still give this a 5-stars rating as I’m captivated by it’s mythic storyline & abundant treasures. In conclusion this game has a potential to be popular. Keep up!

It’s a little confusing but fun, I wish there were a variety of music the current is annoying and repetitive. Smooth gameplay though I did not receive the 100 draws they advertise, that’s more the reason for 3 stars Went to 5 stars I apparently misunderstood thanks for the quick response

  • 700 Draws Sources: 100 Draws Gifts event, claiming 10 draws every day; 10 Draws Selection event, each 10 level can have 3 group of ten draws rewards, a total of 600 draws from 30-230 level.

As an ardent fan of Japanese RPGs, I recently stumbled upon a gem that has completely enthralled me: “Tales of Yokai.” This game, with its immersive storytelling, stunning visuals, and addictive gameplay, has quickly become one of my all-time favorites, offering a unique and captivating experience that transports players into the enchanting world of Japanese mythology

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