Talion – Utilize your speed and strength to claim victory

[Game] Talion

Talion  The Talion are at war.

Answer the call and choose your side in this exhilarating MMORPG. Utilize your speed and strength to claim victory. The fate of your people is at stake. Are you the Talion to put an end to the endless war between realms?

Forge the perfect hero.

Personalize your character’s appearance with a wide range of customization features.
Unlock unique skill combinations to become unstoppable.

Explore the open field as you defend your Alliance.
Immerse yourself in the battlefield in full 360 view.
Combine your strength with other players you encounter in the field in open world co-op.

Only the swift will emerge victorious.
Challenge your enemies in 5v5 capture the flag mode.
Stand together with your allies and defend your base in 20v20 conquest.
Race to defeat a horde of monsters before your enemies in 50v50 alliance boss raids.

This game is available in 한국어, English, 日本語, 中文简体, 中文繁體
Paid items are not available during closed beta.
Closed beta test user data will not sync at the official launch.

Official Websites
Talion Forum

GAMEVIL Official Website : www.withhive.com
GAMEVIL Customer Support : m.withhive.com/customer/inquire

Terms of Service: terms.withhive.com/terms/bridge/gamevil.html
Privacy Policy: terms.withhive.com/terms/bridge/gamevil.html

User Reviews :

It’s always say your disconnected from the server every 5 or 3 minutes even my WiFi is so fast fix that issue and from the game and if you click world it’s say busy how can we play better than the other game ? If you don’t mind our issue fix it’s I play it almost 3rh but I’m stock at lvl 10 because of always say you are disconnected from the server 1star is enough if you can’t fix it

Only played about 6-7 hours so far on a Samsung phone. Graphics are superb, UI and controls easy to use for touch. Menus can be a bit tricky but easily navigated one you learn where everything is. Have not encountered a paywall or pay to win must-have yet. Gaming on a phone is what it is though, but a decent distraction while in rehab away from the home PC.

Talion is a great game to play that is friendly to players who are occupied for most of the day and the occasional hands-on engagement. Its great graphics is complemented with an in-depth character customisation options to create the perfect character appearance. Gameplay is simple to learn and playable if you are an F2P player. However, the presence of items that provide a stat-boost seems in the Cash Shop for real-life currency tips the game slightly on the P2W territory. Solid 4 / 5.

it’s not to pay to win considering 4k dias didnt get me any cp, a 1000 ruby 10+1 gave me more than 2 supreme 10+1. kinda sucks costumes give stats with fairies, genderlock sucks idk why that’s even a thing. The game is very great. but a cash cow when your trying to get equipment it’s all a scam you won’t get anything better off on basic chest and enhancing. boss points rewards are way to high. and unbalanced parties in rvr. if this was pay for skins only it would be the greatest game ever made.

Nice to decide graphic design and good lore. I personally haven’t gotten far in it but from the looks of it I will be playing for a long time. Still have some bugs but it’s a pretty new game and the development of the game will improve I’m sure.

Nearly console-level graphics and fairly straightforward gameplay, and the character customization options are nice, but the game is quite buggy with frequent freezes, crashes, and restarts required meaning you’ve lost progress on whatever you were doing. While a P2W element is present it isn’t always in your face like similar games. Fix the bugs and crashes and this could be a winner for the genre.

This game is unbelievably good, I highly recommend people to play. I enjoy everything about the game from the quality to content. The developers have done an amazing job and I hope they continue to work on add more things

Latest Update :

New Celestial Accessory: Bracelet

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