Talking James Squirrel – Reacts to what you say or your touch

[Game] Talking James Squirrel

Talking James SquirrelTalk to the talking James Squirrel.

He answers with his funny voice and reacts to what you say or your touch. In addition, play with James and his Piano! Play your favorite Song and James will love to sing for you. James has also more than 30 exciting games with many levels to play!

Spend some time with James this cute a little bit crazy squirrel. He will show you some of his Karate moves, his passion for music and singing, his favorite games and much more.

If you like animals games like talking pets then you will love Talking James Squirrel!

Talking Animals
Talking Squirrel
Squirrel Games
High quality 3D graphics
One of the best talking animals app
Cool voice interaction
Piano with singing James
Many different animations

Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with Talking James Squirrel!

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Talking James Squirrel user reviews :

Okay, so it’s obvious that they’re trying to copy the Talking Friends and they didn’t do a bad job, but this one is creepy ’cause you poke around James’ body and he makes weird noises and when you tap his mouth, he begins to talk and it was fine, until he said “I see you!” And then I immediately got out of the app, feeling frightened. I hope he won’t appear in my room tonight, even when I deleted the app… I’m scared…

This shouldn’t be on Play Pass. It asks to send device ID (to this parties?) for advertising purposes! Easy to miss this. Seems like the developer has found a loophole around the Play Pass advertising restrictions! Not happy!

  • Hi, we have updated the app. There is no more question for the device id.

There are many different fun games to play, and James the squirrel is a little fun.

Daughter loves this so much! We just wish that there was an ios version! We got new Apple phones. Can’t wait for the ios version! Hope they make one soon! Then it’ll be 5 star’s!

Great game to kill a few minutes or so. Mini games are decent.

Plenty of small games with this funny character. Love him.

it has diffrent games so everyone has a favorite one. its fun for whole family

Love it. Its funny and has a lot of games! Great talking game

Very joyful game We can play it in our free time Ienjoyed

I like the app cuz he cracks me up when he cracks the screen

Great. Funny talking animal. Cool games

Great app for me and more update and features

Great game to play with nephew and niece.

What a good game can you make it hd?

It’s a very good game….james it’s so funny

It’s boring and old what I like is the squirels and because this game was my childhood

I like this game so much.its my favourate game and it has a lots of other games

This game is soooo good its so cool and you can do anything

This app is very nice and very beautiful

Lovely lovely lovely lovely lovely lovely

  • Thank you for your positive feedback. If you like the game, could you please give us more stars? Thank you for your support!

I love this game!

I love it I mostly love how I can put the sound sound affects on sometimes but I don’t like the ads plz take the ads off please

I love u squirrel. You are so sweet I liked this game very much keep making amazing

Well words don’t come to describe this app,only that it is awsomely alariously funny and my 3 year old daughter loves it and always asks me, want play wid squiwell and keeps her happy and me in hisstericks so get it its great so so hilariously funny….

My son loves it and it’s helping him learn and talk better.

Its a very good game I didn’t this type of game in my life

I like this app very much. But pls tell me how does he repeat our words. Which button I should press

My grandbaby is going to love this I think it’s wonderful

Talking James is included in talking friends . When I’m bored, It makes me laughter!!!. It’s a very good source of entertainment. It’s very, very and very cool. Yoo!!!

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