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Every FarmI’m the farm owner from today!? Farm life I create from start to finish!

You have decided to leave the crowded city and return to your hometown. You start running a farm today that you inherited from your grandfather.
Sow, water, harvest crops, and sell on the market!
A relaxing game you get to enjoy a peaceful small-town lifestyle through the soft and colorful graphics!
Raise animals with the grain you harvested! You can also make other products with ingredients from animals.
Raise lovely animals, plant various seasonal crops, and run the farm in your own way.

Run a restaurant with your own crops!
Cook dishes with various ingredients such as corn, wheat, and milk which you harvested!
You can cook pizza and pasta made from scratch.
Manage your own restaurant from cooking and operating to marketing!
In the restaurant, you can cook a variety of dishes, including main dishes, desserts, and appetizers! Become a Chef!

A farm you can decorate however you like! Create your own village!
Build your dream farm and expand it to the fullest! Grow a small farm into a large village.
Decorate your farm in your own style with a variety of decorations that are updated every season.
Arrange various items as you like, including trucks, stalls, picnic sets, and more.
Show your friends how great your farm is!

Become friends with the villagers and get special rewards!
A busy day with the villager’s quest! Help the villagers with their requests!
Build friendships with the villagers through villagers’ quests.
Villagers full of personality have a different story! What is the hidden story of those villagers?
You can hire various villagers to build relationships while managing the village.
The villagers will help you settle into farm life.

Help each other’s farm to make it even better with your friends or family.
Visit your friends’ farm! What kind of farm are they building?
You can meet more players by joining the Union.

Official Community
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/EVERYFARM-1461133294207479
Twitter:  twitter.com/everyfarmglobal
Discord:  discord.com/invite/vJ5dRwWAtn
Telegram:  t.me/everyfarm
Tiktok:  www.tiktok.com/@everyfarm_official
Reddit:  www.reddit.com/r/EveryFarm/

Every Farm user reviews :

Hi! Since last week me and some friend can’t play Everyfarm. Mine force closses and my friend’s issue is that she suddenly lost her farm data. I reported this issue now because I thought you are aware of any bugs that should be fixed right away. I won’t just let this pass and quit everyfarm since I’ve already spent some money. Kindly fix this or I will bombard you with 1 star. Thank you!

It’s a good game, with simple mechanics. Makes you really think on what to deploy based on the tasks. However, it does come to a point when it becomes quite tedious. The storytelling aspect of the game comes as a huge plus. It would probably not hurt to have the villagers do something for the farm other than just roaming around aimlessly.

The game is fun as it looks but It’s hard to make dishes on the restaurant. It always end up a failure. It’s so frustrating. I wish the creators would do something about that.

I want to give more stars, I really do but there just stiff bothering me. Very early in game you come to a stopping point where you can’t do much even if you do buy a few packages. They don’t really help and there hasn’t been really any events that help you get more coins or experience. I’m at a point I can’t even do missions. They don’t have very many. Please add more missions and more plots of land to put decorations!

After I update the app, I can’t open it anymore. I already clear the data also reinstall the app, but it still don’t work. Please fix the bug or the problem.

I just loved it…the buildings are all beautiful and the graphics are great as well as the story line. I can’t open the app, whan I reached level 31. please fix this. I bought some seeds with real money. Am I wasting my time and money here?

The game is very cute and a very nice concept. However, the connection issue is killing the experience. Please optimize connection.

I really like the game. But the problem is everytime I finished the quest to collect the rewards they always logged me out of the game.

Graphics are great. It’s quite fun at first but as your level goes higher it takes super long time since quest reward xp is low. It’s also hard to earn money. And selling price of items are also low. You will get bored instanstly doing nothing and just waiting for small amount of rewards.

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