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[Game] Tamagotchi – Puppy Pet Dog

TamagotchiHave you ever dreamed about having a dog? About a cute little puppy that you will take care of… Dreams come true with dog life simulator Tamadog. It is your new virtual pet. Care for it, love and make it happy.

Your new virtual friend

Don’t hesitate and get a dog right now. Such a lovely, charming and cute puppy, who likes having fun, eating yummies and taking selfies. You’ll never get bored with it. Discover the Tamadog’s bright world with a variety of exciting adventures in dog town.

Meet your new virtual friend in the Tamagotchi dog game. Just look at these cute eyes that will melt your heart… Play talking puppy games, give it delicious treats, take it for walks and just have fun all day long. Pet dog games are made for love. Give your doggy all your love and it will definitely love you back.

Check out the Tamadog pet simulator and enjoy taking care of your little faithful friend. Imagine that you are playing dog sim Tamagotchi – now the gameplay is in the real pet world… It’s a dream come true.


VIRTUAL PET IN YOUR REAL HOME. Don’t forget to give your pet care everyday. Feed it, clean and play with it. You can play both 3D and AR games mode. Allow the app to use a phone camera and your puppy will appear right inside your house.

RAISE A SMART PET. Record voice commands and train your dog. From “sit down” to “break dance” – you can teach your dog lots of cool tricks. Talk to your friend. You doggy is so sociable and eager to learn. That is my dog – you will say proudly.

CAPTURE AMUSING MOMENTS. Take cute selfies with your puppy and its dog life, make hilarious videos and share them with friends.

UNLOCK NEW LEVELS. Keep raising a happy pet, play dog games and enjoy extra activities as a reward.

DRESS UP YOUR PUPPY. Stylish suits for agile male pups and fancy dresses for fluffy girl puppies – dress up your little friend trendy.

ULTIMATE CUTENESS. Your new friend loves you and goes head over heels when you rub its belly. Can you imagine that your doggy will gladly lick your nose anytime you move the screen closer? All possible with animal games.

MINI-GAMES. Your puppy is asleep or you just need to relax from the daily routine? Try yourself in exciting mini-games in a dog simulator and set your records. There are a lot of puppy games for free for any taste: shooting bubbles is just as entertaining as healing and grooming your dog in diverse and enjoyable lovely pets mini-games.

The only virtual dog that looks like and feels like a real dog. Feed it, pet it, play with it. Take it wherever you want, your doggy with its pet’s world is always at hand. You’ll never get bored with it.

Show everyone how adorable your puppy is. Try to catch all the bright moments spending together with your virtual friend in puppy games. Take amusing and funny selfies with your AR dog and create your own photo album full of happy memories.

Your pet is tired? Take a break – play mini puppy games free to not feel bored. Challenge yourself in exciting Match 3 games, while your pet is resting. Discover more than 300 levels of the game and try to finish all them to earn special gifts for your talking dog. Play dog games for free and make your pet happier.

Subscribe for Premium and get unlimited access to all the AR dog game features:
Unlock all premium items
Unlock AR mode
Free daily coins and diamonds

Time has come! Get a puppy with the Tamadog pet games. Love it, care for it and make sure it is becoming your best friend.

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Tamagotchi user reviews :

This game is great And if anyone is on the subscription screen just close the app and open it again. Your welcome

It was good but you can’t play the mini games for long. You always have to exit and start playing the level all over again

This game is cute you guys are mad and goofy- there’s nothing to purchase plus I just want to get the dog into my camera but this game is cute you guys just pay for something

It is so cute to take care of tamadog she is so cute

I just love it and the cute puppy AHHHHH I love this game

I love this game! It’s like I have my own dog. I also name it Memo! I love this app well done.

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