Tap Away – Connect all your braincells and put your skills to the test

[Game] Tap Away

Tap Away Do you have what it takes to solve all the swiping levels?

Connect all your braincells and put your skills to the test! Tap Away all the blocks in this exciting puzzle.

Tap Away is brought to you by Popcore, makers of hit puzzle games with more than 250 million combined installs!

Tap Away is a fun and addictive 3D puzzle game, but it’s more than just that – it’s a brain teaser that will take you to the next level!

Tap the blocks to make them fly away and clear the screen. But the blocks will only fly in one direction, so you’ve got to approach this brain teaser carefully! Slide your finger around the screen to rotate the shape and attack the blocks from every angle! As you progress, the blocks form bigger and bigger shapes, and the blocks themselves change form, so you’ll need to get your thinking hat on to solve the puzzles in this 3D puzzle game. And that’s not it! There are skins and themes you can unlock as you get further, as well as challenges to keep you on your toes. In this fun and colorful game, you challenge your logic, critical thinking, and precision. Do you have what it takes?

PLAY the full 3D puzzle game experience offline and on the go.
SWIPE to rotate the shape and choose your next move.
TAP the blocks to clear the level.
CUSTOMIZE your blocks with different skins and themes.
REACH the top!

RELIEVE your stress.
TEASE your brain with the satisfying taps.
PRACTICE your critical thinking!
LEARN the tricks to ensure Tap Away glory!
ENJOY cool skins and themes to customize your journey!

What are you waiting for? Challenge your brain with this tricky game right now!

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DOWNLOAD AND PLAY NOW – Join this fun and satisfying puzzle game and tap away the blocks!

Tap Away user reviews :

As usual, the real experience is a big difference from what is advertised, and it quickly gets very boring. It wouldn’t actually be that bad if it weren’t for the mega annoying ads which also play during levels (7-10 ads per level I would say). It can basically be called unplayable. It’s not worth it people, a waste of time!

Edit: The zoom feature has been corrected and is now working great. I also sprung the $4 to have no ads and was worth diary penny. Am upgrading my rating of this game from a 2 to a 4 star. Has potential to be a great game. Good graphics, really nice design. However, the picture is either tiny or so big you can’t see it, and literally an ad every 33 blocks cleared. 1/2 moves used are accidental bumps with my finger because pic is so tiny. Fix these things and you’ve got a great game.

I love the game itself and would play more often, but for the seemingly endless ads. I’ve even tried to buy the “no ads” option but it won’t let me. Each time I’ve tried it tells me to check my internet connection. If you don’t want people to be able to opt out of a 30 sec ad after every 35th tap on the screen, don’t put it on the home screen

After completing over 120 levels I’m done. I love the game and the features but your ads are just insufferable. They stop my media and come on ridiculously loud, take multiple taps to get out of, half the time the X is so small you accidentally tap to the website. Great concept, just a shame you made an intentional choice to ruin it with a terrible ad provider. Not even complaining about the quantity, (there are a TON but go get your $) just the fact that the ads themselves SUCK.

So, games with ads after every level are annoying, but I get that can be a strategy to generate revenue when your a casual game that people aren’t going to pore money into. But when ads interrupt a level dozens of time (about every 30 seconds), then you’ve crossed a line.. I have played this game for about 30 minutes, and have literally spent more time watching ads than playing.. which is too bad, I could see it being relaxing, but it won’t let me play long enough to decide whether to pay..

I would give 5 stars if one game wasn’t interrupted several times for an ad. I don’t mind watching an ad at the end of a level, but 6+ ads in one level is very excessive. The game itself is good. I like the laid back, leisurely, work at your own place kind of games. Fix the ad issue though, please!

The game is fun overall, the puzzles start out easy but advanced pretty quickly. There are a lot of ads, especially on the harder puzzles and the most irritating part of this app is that if you close it in the middle of a puzzle and come back later it starts completely over. This is especially annoying for the more difficult puzzles that take longer. I’ve honestly been working on the same one for weeks because every time I get busy and have to leave it I have to restart it from the beginning.

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