Temple of Shadows – Immerse yourself in the mysterious plot

[Game] Temple of Shadows

Temple of ShadowsImmerse in Exciting Battles
Full-auto battle mode! Use sophisticated strategy to break enemy formations and let your ninjas battle automatically!

Confront Enemies in Arena
Challenge different enemies and earn scores for a higher rank and better rewards!

An Unknown Journey Full of Amazement
Immerse yourself in the mysterious and exciting plot and revisit the game’s possibilities!

Unique and Exquisite Designs
Specialized costumes make your characters more stylish! Their skills will be changed together, too!

Summon Ninjas to Get Stronger
Use gear and scrolls to make your ninjas stronger! Cultivate them in different ways to make you invincible!

Call Your Friends to Play Together
Join a guild to become the best group! Conquer dungeons and defeat enemies to create your legend!

Come and enjoy the endless fun of the game! Whether you’re a novice or an experienced player, this game will surprise you!

Temple of Shadows user reviews :

one minor detail that I don’t like about is that there is a level limit in the “fight” section when it is the only possible way in getting exp. In my opinion the game is entertaining but if there will be a level limit there should be an alternative way to receive exp or just remove it the level limiter to keep on playing the game. I wish the prices for some packs or in-game merchandises are a bit cheaper

the game is awesome and I never thought a game like this one can exist but I was rough. But the main problem is that it freezes sometimes, i don’t know if it’s the net or the game but if it’s the game they should fix it in there next version

Would be better if the RNG of ninja’s it gives you wasn’t so terrible to force you into buying stuff to keep escalating in the game. After ninja’s get starred up 3 times, they get near impossible to star up again and it already took long enough for the first three. Then getting a 5’th star up you have to completely sacrifice one you starred up 4 times?

This game is really good and im not even goona sugar coat it. As a starter you can advnce through the story decently quick and it is always nice getting to summon and get new characters. The only thing that i dont like about this game is that i experience a bit of lag from time to time but that does not stop me from grinding and having fun. Definetly a game to try out

A very nice naruto idle game that has everything that you ask for, characters are quite hard to gather but can still be grinded. It does help players who dont spend by letting the summon tickets be bought in shop which is very appealing to me. The skills are very coordinated, it paves way to various strategies. Overall, I recommend to play this if you’re bored as hell like me.

I feel that this game is well made, however it does get boring after a while of playing it, so most of my progress involves doing something else and letting AFK build up my rewards so maybe some kind of mode where you can control the characters actions would be nice.

Very fun and intertaining game. Although the level lock for battles is quite annoying. I am many levels away from battling but defeated the last guys in one round… ( This is F2p regardless of other comments it’s just grindy. After lvl 80 it’s mostly afk farming and NOT pay to win. Ppl enjoy complaining about good games like this one. Would recommend 10/10 times.)

Can’t understand why people cry about p2w. This game has nothing to do with it! Ofc here are bunch of people who spend a lot of money but you will see them in every game, it’s normal. Me as biggest Naruto fan really like this game. Ofc you need to grind a lot to become one of the best on the server but that is the point of this game right? It wouldn’t make so much fun if you can get 10* characters in only a few days. Once I opened this I cant stop playing it.

What I dislike: 1. So much pay to win (or at least pay to have some decent team otherwise you are always a bottom player) 2. Why Tanjiro from demon slayer exist as SR champ? 3. To much copy paste from other type of games in this genre. What I like: 1. It has decent art and characters from Naruto 2. It’s practically to kill some time when you lazy

The land of Trials should maintain the stackable effects of ninjas and not reset after each round. Boring trials, can’t even overpower them. Just my suggestion I really want it to be that way though.

for someone who doesn’t really like to control the character in battlefield, i recommend this. i enjoy the game so much. it’s not too hard to get an epic character too.

It is an incredible game, I haven’t spent any money on this game and I’m still pretty good, but I wish that it wouldn’t slow down so much once you get to about lvl 70. That’s all, but the game is still really fun to play, this game is actually pretty addictive tbh.

So far I just started but it seems good. I like it’s a bunch of moving bonus and real easy so far to level up. Been looking for a true naruto game. Would love more to the story of the anime with each chapter.

Ovarl good game its not a knock off or anything. Not laggy just like a naruto game i expeccted and yeah. The pixal art is on ponit no/ barely any lag. It super easy to get mid but then it gets hard to get Really/just good..

Amazing graphics!! Unfortunately, it is a game that requires you to spend money if you want to advance.

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