The Baby In Yellow – This might be your last job

[Game] The Baby In Yellow

The Baby In Yellow

Babysitters often have to deal with unruly children, but there is something very strange about this child. This might be your last job.

Look after The Baby and explore the apartment, there are secrets, fun activities and jumpscares to find. Can you survive while trying to keep him happy? Watch your back, you never know what will happen next.

How long will you stay in control?

Originally made in 48 hours for the GMTK Jam 2020

The Baby In Yellow user reviews :

I installed the app and before even getting to the game play, or even passed the title screen, I was forced to sit through two extremely loud ads. I haven’t even played the game because a third ad began to load and I closed the app. I understand the need for ads, but maybe let players actually get into the game first? ETA: once in the game, the controls are a little hard to figure out and one intense scene is made more difficult by the controls.

The graphics and the story is pretty good the controls are kinda difficult, when your running and have to grab something, you drop it if you are not looking at the lock and its kinda hard to focus when your getting chased, the story is short but fun wish it went on even long like instead of ending at night 3. I’m glad that the lighting has change before it was hard to see and now it’s better overall this is a really good game just 4 stars cuz the controls but nice job making the game

Great game! I love the little sayings between the babysitter and the child before you play each level/night. It got me a little scared but I just couldn’t stop playing until I finished it! I love the new details and tasks they added in the new update, already playing it again cause it’s just so fun. Great graphics too! I definitely recommend this game to people who love playing horror games!!

Amazing game, like all or at least most good horror games it gives out some puzzles and some adventure. What I really like though is the point that it has a storyline, secrets and finally it also gives different ways you can alter the story line. Their is not much mobile horror games that are both decently scary and also fun, this by far is the best mobile horror in my opinion I recommend for anyone who likes these types of games (horror,puzzle). I would like to thank the creators for this game

Literally the best game ever.. I was terrified and having fun at the same time, it wasn’t hard but it wasn’t easy, this new update was amazing! And escaping was the best part! . The panic I get from it, trying to find keys and the green signs I follow, it’s amazing!! . I can’t wait for the “black cat approaches” I believe another victim is going to be in?? ACCKKKK I can’t wait! I love this sm, I wish I can rate it more than a 5 stars, cause you guys definitely deserve it

The game is really good but there’s only one problem, there’s only five levels and you can’t really do nothing else after you beat those levels but restart the game. I hope they make more of these so people can keep on playing the game and get better and better but yeah.

There is something covering the whole screen due to a glitch. Unfortunately I cant play because of it. I dont have a very new phone so that may be the problem. I’ve seen playthroughs of this game and really like it. I’m upset its virtually unplayable on my phone.

Great game, kept me entertained for hours. My only issue with it is the chases with the winged demon thing. They’re fun but irritating since it feels as if they drag on. Like it’s one chase after the other. Not my cup of tea but I love the game otherwise! Good jumps scares and horror aspects, I like the trapped souls detail; flushing the baby and putting him in the washer is hilarious as well, my cousin and I laughed at it for a good while before continuing on with the game. Amazing work!!!

Very well done. It controls well, and I havent run across any major bugs/glitches. I did find that you cant remove hats completely, once you start using any of them. In any case, its a lot of fun.

This is a really good game but I gave it a 3 stars because when you get to level 4 it just keeps repeating level 4 no matter how many times you re do it and I also gave it 3 stars because It has 2 ad after every 3 challenges you have to do to take care of the baby. I would recommend tho

Definently something that i enjoy, despite hating a lot of horror related things. It had some things that i never saw on youtube, which was fun, too. I just got the update, and am about to play it. It was really fun getting my family to play it. Even one that dosent really do horror. To make this review shorter, I really like it and suggest it.

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